The expertise of the Investigative Committee in the case of “drunk” the boy proved his sobriety

Экспертиза Следственного комитета по делу «пьяного» мальчика доказала его трезвость In the second study alcohol is not detected. The father of six-year-old Alyosha Roman Shimko for several months trying to find the truth. However, Mikhail Kleymenov, whose signature is on the conclusion of laboratory analysis did not recognize the error.
Экспертиза Следственного комитета по делу «пьяного» мальчика доказала его трезвость

For several months of tense discussion, high profile case in April in Balashikha six-year-old Alex Shimko was hit by a car. As examination showed, the conclusion of which was signed by Mikhail Kleymenov, the boy’s blood was discovered a huge amount of alcohol is 2.7 ppm. Father tried to seek justice and to justify his family. The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation conducted its own investigation. Today the official representatives of the state authority made a statement.

“The results of this examination, let the investigation come to the conclusion that Kleymenov has violated the provisions of the existing normative acts in the sphere of production of forensic medical examination, and his conclusion about the state of the child at the time of a traffic accident is unreasonable”, – the document says.
Экспертиза Следственного комитета по делу «пьяного» мальчика доказала его трезвость

SKR also said that after the transfer of the criminal case was assigned to a comprehensive forensic examination, which is given to the Commission by 18 experienced experts of the leading scientific, educational and expert institutions of the Ministry of health and the Ministry of defense of Russia.

“The defendant made a withdrawal of a blood sample of the boy improperly, leading to contamination spiritualrenewal microflora and the process of alcoholic fermentation. Therefore, when chemical research in the sample and was detected ethanol in the amount of 2.7 ppm. In such a situation, given his experience Kleimenov had to understand that such a concentration of alcohol in the blood of the child corresponds to the condition of the surface of the coma, and to confirm or exclude the fact that lifetime use of alcohol it is necessary to conduct biochemical studies. But this was not done. Kleimenov chose to take a proactive stance, giving comments to the media and trying to convince all of the correctness, completely forgetting about the violation of the rights of victims. And now the investigators are additional facts,” the statement says.

Now doctor Michael Kleimenova charged under the article “Negligence”. The expertise of the Investigative Committee proved that discovered the chemical study of a sample of his blood alcohol appeared posthumously. The official statement said that in the blood of six-year-old Alyosha Shimko missing acylglucuronide – a marker of lifetime alcohol consumption. There is an ongoing criminal investigation. Father was “drunk” the boy was accused of excessive attention to the cause