Maria Kozhevnikov told about the first stage of your weight loss

Мария Кожевникова рассказала о первом этапе своего похудения
The actress doesn’t give herself any favors.

Photo: Instagram

A week ago Maria Kozhevnikova has announced a competition among its fans. Everyone can lose weight together with actress, and girls who show the best results, will receive a gift from the stars.

Kozhevnikova almost every day shares with subscribers its success and reveals the secrets with which she is going to lose as much as 10 kilos in just a month.

“I alternate through the day with the following treatments: massage, gym if possible, it is sometimes the bathhouse, says Maria. — Try not to go to bed until I see that my weight is 300 grams less than yesterday, so easy to control yourself and keep a tight rein”.

As for the food, then there is no America Maria is also not opened. All of the most effective ways has long been known, they need only to adhere to and not allow yourself any favors. While Kozhevnikova against strict diets and permanent bans, otherwise the body will stress.

“I’m not counting calories, have delicious and healthy, mood weight loss is also an important factor, she said. I’m trying to reduce portions, drink more water, eat a lot of greens for example lettuce speeds up metabolism and lowers cholesterol. After 6 PM trying to close the mouth of the castle!”