Beloved son of Maria Shukshina grappled in the TV show

Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу Girls appeared in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Freya silber, who is expecting a child from heir to the stars, wrote a statement to the police. Ex-lover Makar was quick to rise to his defense.
Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу

The son of Maria Shukshina Makar Kasatkin was in the center of the scandal. 19-year-old pregnant fiancee of a young man Freya silber accused him of distribution of a controlled substance. A native of Barnaul also claims that a guy had laid a hand on her. In order to achieve justice, Freya wrote a statement to the police. As a result, in the apartment Makara was searched. He Kasatkin said, saying that girls aren’t true and call them slander. Silber appeared in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to share her story.

The young people met in social networks. Makar was active in the girl signs of attention, like her photos. After some time they started hanging out, and then moved in together. According to Freya, she did not know that her lover is heir to the famous family. Silber was not familiar with the works of Vasily Shukshin.

“I did not cause any emotions. I never met his mom because I didn’t have any interest. Now I’m living with my girlfriend… the First time we had the perfect relationship. It was against my work I am constantly sat at home, my social circle has narrowed sharply”, – said silber.
Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу

According to Freya, Makar suggested that she try a banned substance seven or eight months ago. First silber agreed, but quickly realized that it wasn’t her. “I asked him to stop,” – says the girl.

Bari Alibasov sided son of Maria Shukshina and stated that he knew it almost from birth. The producer said that he had known biography of silber, who as a teenager became a mother for the first time. “I have a daughter who is like a sister to me. Her five years,” she said.

The Studio program appeared ex-girlfriend Makar Kasatkina Sabina. The young people met for three years. Ex-beloved son of Maria Shukshina said that they always spent time with his family, who would have immediately suspected something was wrong in his behavior. Sabina refused to talk about why I broke up with Makar. “Now come out, it happens that people leave,” she said.

Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу

Girlfriend girls Anastasia Starostina added that Makar has made her a positive impression. “Drugs, beatings – it’s all crazy. When Sabina met with Makar, he even did not want to drink,” shared a friend ex-lover Kasatkina.

Makar and Sabine has maintained a good relationship after a breakup. According to the girl, Maria Shukshina she was in no hurry to meet the beloved son. “She wasn’t ready,” – said the girl. Friend Freya Alena Mashkov sure that the mother of Makar aware of his problems. However, Bari Alibasov, who is familiar with the family Sukhinah, hastened to deny this statement.

Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу“Maria actually shocked, she did not know about this,” said he.

Former husband of a famous actress Boris Vishnyakov, who is the father of her children Thomas and FokI, have been in contact with journalists on the phone. The man does not believe in the accusations that have been made Makar.

“You understand correctly, from what to protect him? And if it is hex, you do not know? I need this? If he needed my help he has my phone. But then nothing, so I think it may be hex. That’s all. Well, understand, we have the police. To be honest, on Makar it’s not like. Now he’s 19, he’s a grown man. I don’t believe Makarov could beat her,” – says Vishnyakov.
Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу

Mother Maria Shukshina has not commented on the scandal that erupted around her loved ones. “Lydia Nikolaevna is not quite well, she is now constantly in and out of hospitals for treatment. And shipping its problems that create children, is not love the mother who gave them birth and brought up,” explained Bari Alibasov.

The ex-girlfriend of Makar noted that his mother has nothing against the child. Apparently, relatives of the young man ready to take him into their family.

“Today I spoke with Maria Vasilievna. No one can deny her [Freya’s] baby, all willing to help. I don’t know why she won’t talk about it. Makar I, too, spoke with him,” – said Sabina.

According to the girl, first at Freyja and Makar did not have any problems. “They have the first two months all was good. Then Freya went to Barnaul, and from there she told the news of the pregnancy. After she arrived they with Makar the conflict began. They had no money due to the fact that Makar had problems with the work. She began to talk about the fact that he took money from mom. He said that he want to substitute. She wanted to marry him… When she wrote the statement she was drunk, and it’s proven”, – said Sabina.

Freya denied the statements of the ex-lover of Makar. According to the girl, she wasn’t planning the wedding with the chosen one, as stated by Sabine.

Возлюбленные сына Марии Шукшиной сцепились в телешоу“I have all the correspondence. I didn’t want to live with him seriously. I wanted to get away from him and went to Barnaul. Then I found out she was pregnant… I had the baby because I loved him,” said silber.