The Expert “What? Where? When?” accused another member of the club in infamy

Знаток «Что? Где? Когда?» обвинил другого члена клуба в подлости Recently, program participants staged a scandal in the air. Rovshan Askerov said Andrei Kozlov made a hint to the players. Master of intellectual community began to deny it and compared Askerova with the tiger of scenes Gennady Khazanov.

      Знаток «Что? Где? Когда?» обвинил другого члена клуба в подлости

      During the television broadcast of the first game of the winter series, “What? Where? When?” came the scandal. Experts gave verbal sparring. The owner of “Crystal owl” Rovshan Askerov accused masters intellectual club Andrei Kozlov that he broke the rules of the game.

      “Sir host, was prompt, and it is frankly. I will not be silent in any case. By Mr. Kozlov, who said clearly. Everyone else saw it, even I” – suddenly said while playing Rovshan Askerov.

      Andrei Kozlov extremely emotionally reacted to charges Askerov. The man started to deny it. He also insulted another member of the club and compared it to the tiger of scenes Gennady Khazanov.

      “Sara, you are a scoundrel,” said Kozlov. “Yeah, maybe,” retorted Askerov.

      Goats also explained what happened really. Version of men, he was just thinking out loud, but Askerov was angry due to the fact that I did not take part in the competition. “I never tell, because I don’t know the correct answer. Here knowledge can not be, and therefore may not be clues. I have shared your version with the Lord of Anthonym. Had absolutely no clue. Sara’s just jealous because the guys are playing and he’s not. Rovshan, I’m no longer going to talk,” explained master of intellectual club.

      In turn, the presenter stated that managers and operators have not noticed a hint from Kozlov. He also said that count the points for the team. “Still, the answer was correct, the score is 3:2. Mr. Asgarov, you absolutely can’t assume that I know?” – asked Boris Hook. However, Sara refused to admit they were wrong.

      We will note that Andrey Kozlov and Rovshan Askerov different explosive temperaments. Previously, members of intellectual club has repeatedly made hints to the players why they were removed from the hall.

      We will remind that earlier Askerov fought with Maxim by Potassium and Alexander Druz. The first man Rovshan called “scum” because of his position on the Olympics in Rio, and the conflict with the second party games due to the controversial response of experts to the question. Master club rebuked Askerova that he has lost reputation in front of millions of viewers. In response, one of the most controversial participants of the program known said friends and did not differ exemplary behavior. “The man who changed the answers, changed answers for points, he has no right to tell me anything,” said Rovshan.