Liberi Kadono coded to survive

Либерж Кпадону закодировалась, чтобы выжить The star of “House-2” has addressed for the help to the psychic. Liberi Kadono seriously feared for his health. As it turned out, the girl is a spell. Now she is ready for everything to heal.

      Либерж Кпадону закодировалась, чтобы выжить

      Last week 28-year-old ex-participant reality show “House-2” Liberi Kadono, fearing for his life, appealed to the finalist of the 10th season of “Battle of psychics” and part-time good friend Elena Lyskovoy. Lately in life Liberg unlucky streak: a year ago, she divorced her husband this fall because of debt had to close the jewelry store, a gift from my parents.

      “Like the barrier went up, it all falls down – shared Kadono. – Sometimes I sought solace in alcohol… Sometimes for weeks, being depressed, spent at home with a bottle. I felt better. But the problems did not go away. I understand that you need to change something. Recently he devoted himself to painting, wrote the song. And decided to cut off all that stopped me from enjoying life.”
      Либерж Кпадону закодировалась, чтобы выжить

      At the first meeting, which was held in the office Lyskovoy in the capital, the girls talked for hours. Healer cause of unhappiness Liberi immediately became clear: Kadono have long put a spell on alcohol. The Gypsy promised to help.

      “It’s a curse, and needs to get rid of: it starts with drinking and ends with health problems and even death, and completely random” – a move she stunned the girl.

      Elena said that to make Liberg to she was gone forever craving for alcohol. “It will be difficult, – has shared Kadono. – From the end of November on the advice of Elena I’ll keep the Christmas post. Then pass several seances in order to fully remove the damage and to consolidate the effect. I was told that during the following procedures, recovering, I will scream. I’m ready”.

      After her divorce from Eugene Rudnev she decided to fully restore health after a busy period. Now she’s ready for change in all aspects of life. Liberg Kadono: “Men are afraid to come to me”

      “First, I took all of the surveys that could not be done for a long time. To be honest, I was a little hormonal disruptions because of severe fatigue – I was pushing himself too hard, too big range of what I was doing. This was very nervous. But all over, and the treatment really helped me. And secondly, now I communicate only with pleasant to me people. Those who do not seek me because of the media, and just love. As it turned out, in order to recover, it was enough to change the environment,” said Liberi “StarHit”.