The appearance of Vera Brezhnev in the “Major” has caused controversy among viewers

Появление Веры Брежневой в «Мажоре» вызвало споры среди зрителей The actress played herself. The singer appeared in one episode of the second season. Viewers who have seen the issue, was impressed by the heroine of Vera Brezhneva. She was the partner actor Paul Priluchnogo, who played major Igor.

      Movies help every time Vera Brezhneva to show themselves in a new way. One of his last works, which starred the singer, was the second season of the series “C”, the final issue of which was shown yesterday on the First channel.

      Earlier, Brezhnev has announced that it will be in this film project. She shared in the social network staff with other actors. “He’s around. Now you can work calmly. Pleasant acquaintance, a pleasant cooperation”, – signed photo of Paul Priluchny, Karina Razumovskaya and many other participants in the filming of the actress. Paul Priluchny: “the Son not happy with what I’m doing”

      The story of “Major” Brezhnev plays herself. Faith is turning to Igor Sokolovskiy. Its as close to a nervous breakdown, and Sokolowski have to help her. According to Paul Priluchnogo, blonde perfectly coped with their role.

      The fans were in awe of the directorial work of Constantine of the State, and now look forward to the third season. Members of Faith congratulated her with a new picture. “Just watched a series where You sing. You are beautiful. Such blooming, a real girl,” “an Unexpected surprise. It is a pity that the film has such a sad ending, but what a contrast. Vera Brezhneva very cool and bright performed small role,” wrote the user of a social network.

      But other viewers felt that the appearance of Faith in the film was unnecessary as it didn’t fit there as an actress, and advised the star to continue to sing and not to act in serials. “Brezhnev superfluous. Do not send her this role. All unnatural. Once again, make her fame”, “I wish Vera Brezhneva played Vera Brezhneva”, “Brezhnev is too much fantasies, have nothing against her, but in my opinion that she’s useless in the film,” said fans of the TV series “Major”.

      Recall that the work on the second season was completed in a short time – 12 series were filmed in 83 days. “Time is, of course, very little. Over the first season we worked 105 days. But, as you know, because of the crisis again reduced all you can,” said the star of “Major” Paul Priluchny.