Victoria Krutoy acquainted the fans with his daughter

Виктория Крутая познакомила фанатов с дочерью The successor of the famous composer no longer hide the baby’s face. On the eve of the Victoria Cool celebrated the birthday of her first child. The baby was a year old. A young mother threw a party, where they gathered those closest to you.

      Виктория Крутая познакомила фанатов с дочерью

      A year ago, the daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy Victoria first became a mother. Her husband, restaurateur David Bercovich, she gave a charming daughter called Demi rose. From birth the young mother tried to keep its subscribers informed of what is happening in the life of her little heiress. Despite the fact that Cool regularly published pictures of the baby, she did not show her face. However, in honor of the first birthday of Victoria decided to show what it looks like birthday girl. Granddaughter of Igor Krutoy was dressed in a smart white dress. Fans were delighted with the charm of the baby who was holding in little hands balloon in the form of the number “one”.

      Виктория Крутая познакомила фанатов с дочерью

      Subscribers microblog rushed to congratulate the mom and little girl happy holiday and leave it in the comments under the photos a lot of pleasant words in the address of Demi rose. “Congratulations, Vic! You’re clever! Happy birthday! Our congratulations to mom and the Princess”, “Congratulations my little Princess, happy birthday! Photo awesome”, “Victoria, congratulations, you and your daughter first birthday!”, “The health of the girl, patience to the parents and more happy and Sunny days for your family,” wrote the followers of the social network account Cool.

      At a celebration of Victoria and David staged a magnificent feast that gathered the closest people – relatives and friends of the couple.

      Виктория Крутая познакомила фанатов с дочерью

      After birth of Cool very quickly came to Dobermann form. Despite the fact that concerns about the baby fully devoured the young mother, she was able to achieve phenomenal success in losing weight. In a week Victoria was able to wear tight jeans that were in her wardrobe before the pregnancy. Fans were amazed that the birth did not change the slim figure of the daughter of a famous musician. They tried to ferret out the secret of weight loss among celebrities.

      Just six months after the birth of their daughter Victoria boasted to fans of the chiseled figure in the swimsuit. They noted that the young mother looks very sexy and she can really be proud of their shapes. Victoria Cool undressed in front of the camera