The ex-wife of Viktor Baturin regret the divorce

Экс-жена Виктора Батурина жалеет о разводе Yulia Saltovets told that she could be a lovely family with a businessman. The woman admitted that she rushed into a relationship, after all, the oligarch asked her not to ruin the marriage.

      Экс-жена Виктора Батурина жалеет о разводе

      At the beginning of the two thousandth oligarch Viktor Baturin married at the Sochi dancer Yulia Saltovets. Their marriage did not last year because the girl was still too young and hot solutions. After hearing gossip about the sexual intrigue of a businessman, she filed for divorce while pregnant.

      In the talk with Oksana Pushkina in the program “mirror for a hero,” Julia admitted that she regrets the incident. According to her, if the divorce did not happen, she and Victor could have been a strong family.

      “I was 21 years old, he’s 45. With Victor we lived less than a year. In June I filed for divorce and we divorced. I left him to my parents, not asking a penny, and didn’t want any more stories. He asked me not to divorce, saying, “In your life a man doesn’t.” Actually, it is. I regret that I divorced Victor. We had a wonderful family. But I was young and hot-headed, and all we young make many mistakes,” said Saltovets.

      After his divorce from Julia Buchanan married Yana Rudkovskaya, marriage which also later collapsed. The fate of the oligarch evolved dramatically. Ex-husband Saltovets and Rudkovskaya went to jail for fraud. Victor was released in January of 2016 – he spent in prison four years. While the businessman was serving a sentence behind bars, in a relationship his ex-spouse was a truce. Rudkovskaya, which for many years raised own child Saltovets, was allowed to see the mother and son.

      Stepson Yana Rudkovskaya wants to communicate with the birth mother

      “I sent Victor a text with congratulations, he replied, “thank you…”, – shared with “StarHit” Julia. Who knows, maybe now something will change. Although we sometimes communicate. February 23, when he congratulated the son on a holiday, invited him again to visit. Rudkovskaya responded “not against” and Andrew large, he’s 14, let him decide whether or not to go”.

      Saltovets never loses faith that one day the son will accept her as his mother, though many years have passed. Julia is seen with Andrew from time to time, but so far their relationship is difficult to call loved ones. The woman gave a promise to continue to fight for my son.

      “After meeting in Sochi with my favorite Andrusenko like a stone from the shoulders down. Really wish our story had a happy ending. Waiting and hoping that someday he would call me mom,” said Saltovets “StarHit”.

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