Николай Басков признался, что боится жениться The singer is not going to propose to his sweetheart. According to star, he regrets that at a young age made a mistake and got married. Nikolai Baskov arrange an open relationship with Sophie.

      Николай Басков признался, что боится жениться

      Nikolay Baskov and his beloved Sophie in the near future plan to live together. Couple met three years, but not yet purchased total living space. The artist recently found a beautiful mansion where they will build their family nest. Nikolay Baskov will build a ecohouse for your favorite. However, buying a home does not mean that the singer is going to marry. According to star, in modern life marriage has outlived its usefulness.

      Nikolay Baskov recognized that talking about the wedding they postponed for about six months. This fall the singer will be 40 years old, and he does not exclude that, having passed this milestone, will change his mind about marriage. While Nicholas arrange an open relationship with his chosen, who bring him much joy.

      “Marriage is so outdated…It’s a stamp in the passport…Nobody will give a guarantee. You will see how many couples get married suddenly! And how many people get divorced after 15-20 years of marriage?!”, – said the Basque.

      The contractor was shocked when it became known that Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk divorce, as they were considered perfect and strong ones, which many took as an example. The son of Fyodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk hastened their divorce

      The singer is behind the bad experience of married life. In 2001, a man married to Svetlana Spiegel, and in 2006 they had a child. However, after some time the husband and wife realized that more can not be together and started the divorce process. Nicholas rarely remembers about the period when he was a married man.

      “It had its pluses, minuses. The only thing I can say: no need to rush at a young age to marry. Still, it imposes on man a certain mark. Maybe someone turns a happy marriage, and people together for a lifetime. But for me, my marriage became an open wound. So I retard the time of marriage, not to stumble on the same rake again. But I do not promise,” shared the actor.

      Despite this opinion about family life, Basque admitted that very much wants children. The singer told in an interview to “TV show” that in the next year or two he plans to have heirs.

      By the way, beloved Nicholas Sofia Kalcheva was also married, from that marriage she has a son Bondi. After meeting with Nicholas, she was not looking for a man who will solve its financial problems, and just fell in love with him at first sight. Sophie is happy with Baskov, so not rushing a loved one and does not hint at what is waiting for an offer hands and hearts.

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