Паулина Андреева представила Федора Бондарчука семье Before the wedding, the future newlyweds went to the small home of the bride. Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk is preparing to become husband and wife. The Director and the actress began Dating last fall.

      Паулина Андреева представила Федора Бондарчука семье

      In mid-spring, Fyodor Bondarchuk announced the divorce with his wife, Svetlana. This news shocked many fans of the pair, because the part of the star family looked strong and unbreakable. Meanwhile, the public began to guess – what made a husband and wife to separate after twenty years of marriage.

      Svetlana Bondarchuk revealed the truth about the parting with her husband

      It turns out that 48-year-old Bondarchuk has made an offer of a new lover – a 27-year-old star of the TV series “the Thaw” Paulina Andreeva. The young actress won the heart of Director in the last year – my beloved meet in the fall. Novel stars so rapidly developed, and soon they decided to get married.

      The exact date of the wedding Bondarchuk and Andreev so far kept secret. However, the actress has already introduced the future husband with his family. Recently the star went to Saint Petersburg, where I live the younger brothers are in charge. 21-year-old Harry and 16-year-old Boris was delighted to meet with a chosen sister. Family spent time in the village Toscova, which is located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

      Younger brother Andreeva, Boris has published on his page in “Vkontakte” a memorable photo with Fedor Bondarchuk. “Nothing I will write here and everything I see,” the young man signed the picture, which is directed by his friendly hugs.

      It is noteworthy that in the spring the organization of the wedding had to be suspended because of gossip that appeared around the pair. As found “StarHit”, celebrations in the near future.

      “Paulina has suspended the process of preparation due to the rising sensation, – said the “StarHit” the Director of the actress Olga Loginova. – So it’s hard to talk about dates, time will pass and everything will take place”.

      After the divorce, Fedor Bondarchuk lives in two houses

      Meanwhile, as they say surrounded by Bondarchuk, Fedor actually lives in two homes. The Director tries all possible free time to spend not only Paulina, but also with children and grandchildren, not to injure them. In the family estate of Bondarchuk, the head of the family happens often.

      “The gap between Svetlana and Fedor have shared friends izvestnogo figure movie. But even after breaking up with his wife he tries a lot of time to spend with his family. Sergei is going through”.

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