The ex-wife of oligarch Sarkisov gave birth to alien

Экс-супруга олигарха Саркисова родила от иностранца Julia Lubianskaya in the fourth time became a mother. Ex-wife of a prominent businessman admitted that he really created a new family with Lithuanian actor James Tratas. For a long time she preferred to keep secret changes in your personal life.

      Lubchansky Julia, who was married to the owner of the company “RESO-Garantia” Nikolai Sarkisov, happy in a new relationship. And recently the woman was born as the fourth child, a daughter, Lukerya. Long time subscribers microblog Yulia could not understand whose baby appears in photographs mothers of large families. When Lubianskaya couldn’t hide his happiness, she personally informed the followers that she gave birth to this beautiful girl.

      By the way, during the fourth pregnancy Julia didn’t posted any pictures with the belly, probably not wanting to attract the attention of the public. Some followers have even suggested that the child was carried by a surrogate mother as the figure Lyubechanskii hasn’t changed a bit. A few weeks after the appearance of Lucario to light the ex-wife of the oligarch began to share staff with the baby. However, the face of the youngest daughter she’s hiding.

      To dispel all speculation Yulia admitted that he was happy with the Lithuanian actor James Tratas. Over a long period of time she didn’t say anything about the new chosen one, because he was afraid to jinx idyll. According to the woman, he is the father of Luceria.

      “James happy. We love each other and most importantly. He is a talented actor, and I wholeheartedly believe in its future. To the delight of those who appreciate this life only money, I will say that, while his name you will find in the Forbes list, but, believe my experience, it is not important. This does not prevent him to give me gifts to pamper me and make a happy. He never would allow me to keep it. This is a real man, he’s an incredible person with a kind heart and strong shoulder. That’s the kind of man imagines every woman, closing her eyes and praying to God to send her the other half. I am the luckiest woman in the world, because the Lord has heard me, and sent it to me. All the talk about the fact that I left Nicholas to James – nothing more than gossip. We met after the breakup with my ex-husband,” he told Julia the whole truth, angered by the publication of one of the publications.

      Lubianskaya explained that he had met the man when she needed support. At that moment, she buried first her grandmother and then mother. The ex-wife of oligarch noted that experienced both tragedy thanks to the attention of James. “And then a miracle happened and we had our little Princess, our darling daughter. Someone rushed to search feverishly for a photo “belly” and not finding it, began to build some sick fantasy on this matter. Forced to disappoint such a photo fully in our family album. Just happiness love peace and we, unlike many, is not engaged in moral exhibitionism”, the woman continued.

      Recall that some time ago Lubchansky Julia and Nikolay Sarkisov tried to solve the issue of the upbringing of three children born to their marriage, Mark, Nikita and Sofia. Apparently, the ex-wife reached an agreement, and their heirs spend a lot of time with her mother and is already beginning to conquer the social network. The sons and daughters Julia had their own microblogging. It seems the guys managed to make friends with a new man mother, as they often spend the weekend all together.

      The owner of a large company is also happily married with his young wife Ilona of Catalog. Recently, the billionaire was born another child. The model presented Sarkisov son. A young mother is actively sharing footage with the baby on Instagram and shows off images from Monaco and the other trips they had been their heir.