Экс-солистка группы «Сливки» борется с серьезной болезнью в одиночестве Daria Ermolaeva was abroad, alone and without means of livelihood. The girl complains of problems with health. Besides, very soon she will become a mother for the second time. However, she had no money for medical care. Friends Ermolaeva trying to support her.

      Экс-солистка группы «Сливки» борется с серьезной болезнью в одиночестве

      In 2000 in the Russian show business, there was a group “Cream”. The whole country danced to the song pretty girls from the first part of a musical team. However, fate played one of them a cruel joke. At the moment charismatic brunette Daria Ermolaeva experiencing a very difficult life period. She is abroad and cannot fly home from there. In addition, the ex-soloist “Cream” needs medical help that she couldn’t afford. About the tragic fate of Yermolayev told her friend Theon Dolnikova.

      “Dasha was married, it seemed, for a normal guy from Moscow. Which eventually forced her to sell his own house in Moscow and move to live somehow in Brazil. Half of the money he just she took, and what was left they bought a clunker, because for anything else they lacked. With half the amount he ran and abandoned his own child for a month before he was born… Leaving Dasha in debt and in a ruined house, where there’s no place to lie down for… a Very long story and sad. In General, now Dasha is sick and she needs medical care that she had no money. No money even to buy a ticket and come back. And not anyone’s Mom died,” shared Dolnikova in his microblog.

      Daria Ermolaeva needs medical care not only because of the threat of the disease. The girl is also in an interesting position. Very soon she will become a mother for the second time. According to Yermolayev, the wait is long. “I’m in my last month of her pregnancy… You fit in your shorts size XS, and the nurse at the reception said that you lost weight. And in total scored only 10 kg”, shared Daria in social networks.

      Despite everything that had happened to her, Ermolaeva trying to hang on. Followers girls support her. They write Darya encouraging comments in social networks and give her advice.

      “Attitude like this…. It is difficult to explain . Every day I Wake up hoping for the best, trying to fight. But the reality just destroy it. People are just kidding. Throw up. On a daily basis. Not to mention the constant surprises and “bonuses”. When there is no water at all. Or the sewers. Or falling off the wall. And still raining in the night, when sleeping, on his head. It’s hard to recover on these “Olympic” games. I clearly have… Or be punished”, – these words of Darya replied to one of his subscribers.