Известный радиоведущий объяснил попытку суицида ссорой с молодой женой Alexander Bunin, familiar to many listeners of “Silver rain”, told about the reasons that have pushed him to a desperate act. We will remind that not so long ago he tried to kill himself live. According to Bunin, before that, he had an argument with his wife.

      Известный радиоведущий объяснил попытку суицида ссорой с молодой женой

      In late November, the host of “Silver rain” Alexander Bunin tried to commit suicide live. When the radio was in America, he decided to commit suicide. The man also arranged the broadcast of the last day of life on his page in Facebook. More than four thousand subscribers Bunin saw how he threw the noose around his neck. But to bring it started to end, he could not – suddenly broke a lace on which he intended to hang himself and stay in the room and rushed the police. At the moment, with Alexander all is well, and he returned home.

      After this tragic event, many wondered why the favorite of the listeners decided to take this step. It seemed that Alexander is happily married and enjoys traveling to another country. Recently Bunin broke the silence and told reporters about the reasons for his actions. According to the man, he gave up on life after falling out with his young wife Arina. She went to the USA to work, despite the fact that she has a normal tourist visa. Mistress Alexandra has arranged a party for him in new York. But the birthday star radio has turned into a nightmare.

      “All these days in new York she said she wanted to leave me. The next day after the birthday, she announced that finally decided to divorce. However, she knew exactly what would happen if she would do it. Collecting my things in the hotel room, Arina said: “I don’t want it to be my eyes” and left”, – shared the leading.
      Известный радиоведущий объяснил попытку суицида ссорой с молодой женой

      The stream of suicide Bunin included in the hope that spouse will change their mind and come back. A few minutes later, he was waiting for it to happen. But Arina had not communicated with her husband.

      “Probably to blame in the first place I. Yes, actually, in any problem in the family always blame the man… Someone will say that I have now a sign of weakness. Someone will tell you what I want to talk. Someone will tell me I’m crazy, weak-willed m***. And someone will understand. Last birthday was the most wonderful, ARINC gave me tremendous joy. But the current turned out the most vile, worthless. Such cases. Sorry if something was wrong”, – said Bunin before hanging.
      Известный радиоведущий объяснил попытку суицида ссорой с молодой женой

      Alexander admitted that he did not know who called the police. Law enforcement officers took him to a psychiatric clinic. According to the man, was it awful. He seized a mobile phone, did not provide clothing and personal hygiene products. The presenter couldn’t sleep because of the bright light that burned around the clock in the ward.

      It could end sad, if not sympathetic social worker. He helped Bunin contact the Russian Consulate and to be discharged from hospital. Beloved men never returned to him. Moreover, it took them a daughter. According to Alexander, the child is now staying with grandparents. They refuse to give the girl the education of the father, arguing that what’s best for her. Bunin also said that his relationship with Arina from the beginning, difficult developed. He claims that the young woman from the very beginning burdened by the age difference.

      When Bunin returned home, he noticed that some of his clothes missing. Lead said Life.ru that the parents Arina took not only her stuff.