Экс-супруг Наргиз Закировой хочет ее убить According to the singer, Philip Balsano hired killer. Nargiz Zakirova told that the unfamiliar young man asked her for a certain amount of money to provide details about the plans of the former husband.

      Экс-супруг Наргиз Закировой хочет ее убить

      The star of “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova received threats from unknown people. According to the singer, the social network wrote to her a young man who told the woman that her assassinated. The user, who introduced himself as Victor by Alindigini, argued that should kill artist, as her ex-husband Philip Balzano paid him 800 thousand rubles to fulfill the order.

      However, the man does not want to commit a crime. In conversation with Nargis he began to demand from it 200 thousand roubles. For the money, the alleged killer promised to provide her with information and an audio recording of a conversation with Balzano. Unknown suggested Zakirova help you put the ex-spouse in jail.

      “I really fear for my life. After Phil has wrongly filed a lawsuit in court for my son, I realized that this man is capable of anything. I even admit that this blackmail of “killer” – another scheme for Balzano Phil fish any money from me. He has a huge amount of debt, and he is well aware that the only financial source in my face closed to him forever,” said Zakirov.

      The singer announced life.ru that the issue with the killer now to the lawyers Maxim Fadeev. Probably, Nargis even have to hire security. Woman is tired of attacks from Bolzano, as this is not the first threat on his part to her family.

      We will remind that in the beginning of the month, law enforcement authorities in new York arrested Philip. The ex-spouse Nargis violated the “order of protection”, according to which he was not supposed to have contact with his stepson Awalem. However Balzano was released because the police had no reason to keep him in detention without a final judgment.

      The news about the separation of Nargis and Philip shocked fans of the stars. The singer said that her husband requires her 40 thousand dollars for a divorce. “I made the decision to divorce through the courts, because peaceful options Phil isn’t satisfied. All last year, all my royalties went to pay his numerous debts. My ex-husband moved on to blackmail and threats,” – said the star of “the Voice”. Balzano wanted to save the marriage and confessed to the wife in love, but she could not forgive him. Husband Nargiz Zakirova: “I will always love you”

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