У солиста группы «Корни» Александра Бердникова родилась двойня

The soloist of the once popular group “Roots” Alexander Berdnikov again became a father – wife of singer Olga Magarcia bore her husband two daughters-twins, alike as two drops of water.

The girls were born in one of capital clinics. Mother and daughter, which has already given the names rose and Valentina, feel great and are prepared to be discharged. Meanwhile, Alexander and their two Olga of older children Marseille and Milan are waiting for me at home.
We will remind that the soloist of group “Roots” and rostovchanka with Gypsy roots Magarcia Olga got married in 2008 and since then they live happily-doing –good cashing. Congratulations for spouses with the addition!

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