Александр Бердников стал многодетным отцом The wife of singer Olga gave birth to two beautiful daughters. Alexander Berdnikov accepts congratulations from friends and acquaintances with the addition to their family. The couple grow son Marcel and daughter Milan, who were looking forward to the birth of the sisters.

      The soloist of group “Roots” Alexander Berdnikov became a father again. The wife of the musician Olga gave birth to two daughters. Girls and mom are feeling great and ready to be discharged from a Moscow clinic. The twins called Valentine and rose. The couple receiving congratulations on the addition to the family.

      Alexander and his wife Olga Magarcia previously did not know the sex of the baby, so the birth of two daughters had a surprise for them. The couple are very fond of children, so after the birth of her daughter Milana decided not to stop at one kid. Two years later, their family was born a son whom they named Marcel. As Olga and Alexander Gypsy roots, they choose original names to their heirs in accordance with the traditions of his people.

      Subscribers microblog Berdnikov noted that the daughter of the singer were born on the day of the Russian flag. About the imminent addition to the family of the soloist of “Roots” began in April of this year. For a long time, the pair denied that they are expecting a baby, so as not to attract undue media attention.

      Berdnikov, a great family man who cares about his heirs and beautiful wife. Not so long ago, Alexander received a certificate of the candidate in deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation. The musician will run for the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the party “Rodina”. Social networks Berdnikov actively encourages friends to vote for him on election day, September 18.

      In his interview with Alexander always says that he fell in love with wife Olga at first sight. “With Olga, I was found “on fire” friends-Gypsy… I agree that the “priority interest” to the girls of their culture, upbringing, traditions have their common sense. Although, if I truly love, for example, a black woman, married and black. Just before meeting with Olga never thought about marriage. He lived quietly, engaged in their favorite thing — acted on stage, went on tour. Sometimes, of course, met with the girls, but not one I have not got a little bit serious or at least just long-term relationships. And when at the age of 27 he met with Olga, I thought, “Now she’ll be my wife,” said Berdnikov reporters.

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