The ex-soloist of group “Dynamite” is hiding from her stepfather who beat

Экс-солистка группы «Динама» скрывается от избившего ее отчима Diana now she travels accompanied by a guard. The singer and her mother fear for their lives. However, the artist had the courage to tell the “StarHit” about what happened in her family.

      Экс-солистка группы «Динама» скрывается от избившего ее отчима

      The ex-soloist of group “Dynamite” Diana she had the courage to tell the “StarHit” on the family drama. The girl told that in the beginning of April came to visit relatives in this city. The actress also decided to show off a new car that she bought earned over half the money. However, instead of the gala dinner celebrating a joyful reunion Diana received bruises and injuries.

      “Native son stepfather from a previous marriage, with whom I communicated well some time, he began to say nasty things to me. I remembered that on February 14, when I came to Moscow my mother and grandmother, I published a picture together with the caption that they are my native people and did not mention his stepfather. An argument began, and I am a girl passionate, impulsive, running away to her room crying and packing my bag. In the hallway mom stops, the stepfather grabs hair and starts to shake me. I recently had surgery on his nose, he touches it. Blood, I still face struck” – said Ivanitskaya “StarHit”.

      Diana unfortunate that because of unjust “denunciation” half-brother she had a conflict with his stepfather. She learned that the young man tried to convince his father that the singer is supposedly nursing the lovers that contain it. Diana was shocked by such rumors, since it is the most important – the honor and good name. She did not tolerate the physical abuse of his stepfather and left home.

      “After the argument, mother decided that it no longer intends to stay with the husband despite the fact that have been married for more than 10 years, and come with me. She told her stepfather what he did is inexcusable. We went to grandma for the city. After some time there appeared his friends who tried to convince mom to come back, even guarding us around the house. Nevertheless, we were able to quietly enter and leave by train to Moscow. Threw the SIM card to avoid being traced,” said she.

      Diane said that for all the time that lived with her stepfather, she suffered the tyranny. The singer remembered that once called him “dad”, but her male abruptly straightened. Only when the budding artist began to achieve success in show business, he called her daughter and felt proud.

      Diane and her mother want to break off all relations with the man, but he tries to do everything to return to his wife.

      “He said to her that if she leaves, let all give him. The stepfather comes to her grandmother and asks where her daughter, – says Diana. – Yes, they had love, but now my mother is afraid of him, so gave up. I got a new apartment, all on me. However, I am happy that she sighed quietly – after all, she was forbidden to communicate with friends, to work.”

      Now Diana and her mother move around the city only accompanied by bodyguards. The singer remembers that first three days they were not only afraid to leave the house, but even to sleep. However, the artist dared to talk about the incident. She admitted she understands the responsibility for his words, but this example seeks to draw the attention of women on attitude of men.

      “I want to convince girls that they don’t make the same mistake my mom did – because such situations are many. This case forced to rethink everything, even to change stance, says Diana. Now not only am I responsible for my life, but for mom’s. I’ll try to make sure my parents were safe. I may have to sacrifice a lot, but once they sacrificed themselves for me.”