Media reported about the second birth Agnes Ditkovskite

СМИ сообщили о вторых родах Агнии Дитковските According to some reports, the actress once again became a mother. Family Agnes has not commented on the happy event. A few days before mom star Tatiana lutaeva claimed that her daughter is not pregnant.

      For a long time, Agnia Ditkovskite did not appear at social events. The actress missed the premiere of the picture “Dance of death”, where he played one of the roles. In a recent conversation with journalists Agnes explained that he prefers to spend more time with his son.

      Recently in the Network appeared rumors that Ditkovskite pregnant a second time. Her mother Tatiana lutaeva denied this information, noting that the daughter is in an interesting position. Tatiana lutaeva commented on his daughter’s

      However, a few hours ago some sources reported that the 28-year-old actress gave birth to her second child. As the young woman carefully hides his personal life, all wondering who was the baby’s father. “StarHit” contacted Luchevoy, but she chose not to reveal the truth about childbirth Agnes. Star eloquently silent when asked about the new addition to the family.

      On Easter morning lutaeva congratulated the subscribers on the social network with the bright holiday. In the comments to the post friends and acquaintances also began to write their wishes to her family. “Tanya! Double congratulations to you,” wrote the actress Anna Bakalova, putting the emoticon with the image of the child.

      She Ditkovskite posted on the eve of a joyous frame made in the center of Moscow. Star pattern “On the game” told subscribers that she likes the warm spring weather. However, several hours later the actress deleted the picture. Recently subscribers microblog Ditkovskite was worried that she rarely puts pictures. She explained that is constantly working, and she didn’t have time for social networking.

      Recall that Agnia Ditkovskite has a son Fedor, who was born in the marriage of the actress with Alexei Chadov. However, the couple divorced about two years ago. However the celebrity was able to settle all disputed issues, so the beneficiary is not deprived of attention and care of both parents.