Julia and Tigran Salibekov moved into a new apartment

Юлия и Тигран Салибековы переехали в новую квартиру The participants “Houses-2” marks the long-awaited housewarming party. Julia and Tigran Salibekov settling in “kopeck piece” in Moscow. Housing pair acquired at the end of last year.

      Joyful event happened in the family of the former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Julia and Tigran Salibekov on the eve of Easter. The long-awaited move of the pair in their new two-room apartment in Shchelkovo, near Moscow. Julia Alibekova boasted a luxurious design a new apartment

      It should be noted that housewarming Salibekov postponed several times because of pain sons of a pair and the mother of the family Julia. The young woman even admitted that due to the constant illnesses and the inability to move into the new with taste and love furnished and fully equipped apartment, she fell into a real depression.

      But now it’s over. Before Julia Alibekova placed in the microblog video and photos taken in their new home, urging followers to congratulate her family on house warming. The family celebrated the move with a festive dinner in the Japanese style.

      “Hurrah! You can congratulate us! We have finally moved! Decided to celebrate, because we so long ago dreamed of this “kopeck piece”. Well, what is family night without our favorite sushi”, signed the sons of Julius Salibekov.

      “Julia and Tigran, you are the greatest! I congratulate you on the new home, live happily!”, “You are such a good girl, happy for your family! Happiness and prosperity”, “Happy housewarming, congratulations! Followed your repair, very well turned out and cozy. Well done” – congratulations subscribers Saribekovich.

      Repairs in the apartment of former participants “House-2” lasted three months. Julia told him about all the details to subscribers microblog, leading the real diary about the arrangement of the family nest. The whole apartment is the star of the family designed in the same style. Dominated by white, black, grey and Golden colors. Fans of couples in love home design Saribekovich what they write in comments to posts about Yulia and repair of the interior.

      Recall that the keys to a new apartment in the suburbs a couple of ex-participants “House-2” was in early December last year. Spouses have become masters of “kopeck piece” in the new building. Apartment eks-participants “Houses-2” is located in the residential district “Bogorodsky” of the city of Shchyolkovo is located just twenty kilometers from the MKAD. According to some, the acquisition cost salibekov by more than three million rubles. Saribekovich apartment located on the thirteenth floor of a brand new skyscraper. From apartment Windows offer beautiful views of the neighborhood.