The relatives of Vasiliy Stepanov’s not allowed to him in the hospital

Родных Василия Степанова не пускают к нему в больницу Brother Maxim was not allowed to communicate with the actor. Vasily Stepanov took the cell phone and not allowed to get in touch with loved ones. The star of the film “Inhabited island” remains in hospital, where they check his mental condition.

      A few days ago, the star of a sensational film “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov fell from the window of the house in which he lives. According to the artist’s brother, Maxim, this act should not be regarded as an attempt to commit suicide. Such a conclusion, many publications did after he learned about the long depression of the actor.

      “It so happened” – succinctly stated relative to journalists.

      After learning about the incident, staff at the psychiatric hospital took away Stepanova to a medical facility. An ambulance came to fetch him home and took him away for treatment. The man took the cell phone and not allowed to get in touch with loved ones.

      “We can give Bob?” – asked Maxim to the employee of the hospital, because no conclusions on the status of the brother he had not seen. However, he received a flat refusal from a medical professional. “We believe that it is dangerous. He asked to call an ambulance,” the woman answered.

      According to relatives of the actor, he was not even allowed to see my brother, explaining that there is a Commission. Maxim promised to monitor the status of Basil, and not to leave him alone. “What happened has already happened, it can’t be undone,” said a family member of a celebrity in an interview with reporters, “You wouldn’t believe.”

      Formerly a well-known writer Lena Lenina told “StarHit” that he plans to exert maximum efforts to help Vasily. According to socialite, actor was not ready to be struck on his fame. The woman talked a lot with the family of the artist. She also claims that the star did not want to settle scores with life, and what happened is just an accident.

      “Basil is not out of the window of the fifth floor, and just fell off the stairwell from the third. He could not resist for a visor with your hands, so broke. His damage isn’t as significant as the media are writing. Broke an arm and a leg. We find out the situation,” said Lena Lenina.

      Fans Stepanova created a petition, which convinced the Director Fyodor Bondarchuk to help the actor. The filmmaker, who directed “the Inhabited island”, promised to investigate the situation. Fyodor Bondarchuk will get Vasily Stepanov depression