Экс-солист «Отпетых мошенников» обвинил группу в плагиате Andrew Repnikov has commented on leaving of the team. According to him, while he was ill, the guys decided to play together. However, the majority of texts written for the group, belong to him.
Экс-солист «Отпетых мошенников» обвинил группу в плагиате

“Dirty rotten scoundrels” – a group that has achieved incredible popularity in the mid-90s. Sergey Amoralov, Tom house and the ginger and Garik won the love of hundreds of fans. In 2011, a third of them left the band. It was replaced by the author of dozens of songs Andrew “Turnip” Repnikov.

47-year-old soloist was in 2016 in a serious accident. After that, he fell into a coma. The man managed to recover, but his colleagues liked to work together, so it is not called to the group. Instead Repnikova had to go to work in another place.

“Doctors a year ago, gave “good” to work. Now working as a loader in the warehouse. Drag 800-900 kg deadhead. The working day lasts 12 hours. I feel great,” says Andrew.

In addition, Repnikov claims that his former colleagues have decided not to abandon the songs that he wrote.

“In General, I have written four of the album “Inveterate”. The vast majority of songs from their program — that’s my stuff! Most of them, and to perform there is nothing. Watched one program about “Inveterate swindlers” where Immoral calls himself the author of “love me, Love me!” – said Andrew.

The artist does not intend to grovel and try to return to the team. He’s not going to quit writing. The ex-soloist was sympathetic to the choice Amoralov and house. “They never waited for my return. It was a performance for social networks, for fans. And really… tried together. Yeah! Roll! Great! Why would someone else? So more work! Better is divided into two, rather than three. Mediocre artists, like “Incorrigible” gotta eat too. Let it ride, open their mouths under a soundtrack and… live. Honestly? Don’t want to speak at all. After that, I want to go into the shower to wash. Bad things do not want to say…” said Andrew in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Previously, the Network spread office. He appeared on the page Repnikova. “I denounce those who in the tank – group “inveterate Swindlers” did not already exist, they have a conflict with outgoing party Andrey Repnikov. They take it back to the group is not allowed, although he had already more or less recovered after the accident. Repnikov the author of almost all of their hits, so the group finally dead, they have no money, no producer and the whole team went to pieces. At the moment, “dirty rotten scoundrels” tour, the Duo for a little penny money, they will never be new songs and clips, they are old bankrupt artists,” – said in the recording. Immoral continues to insist that the team is all good.