«Живой Кен» попытался найти невесту в Москве Rodrigo Alves wants to meet his Barbie. The man did more than 60 of the manipulation of their own appearance, including suffered several complex operations. Now it’s his favorite topic of conversation, which is why he wanted to meet a Russian fan of plastics.
«Живой Кен» попытался найти невесту в Москве

34-year-old Rodrigo Alves is known abroad as the man who decided on numerous plastic surgeries to become like a Ken doll. Earlier in the week he flew to Russia to find a bride. Ideally, a girl should be like Barbie so harmoniously guy with her looked.

In addition to walking the streets of Moscow in search of a beautiful stranger, the man went to fashion Week, which usually attracts the most beautiful and stylish people, not only capital, but also Russia. Rodrigo remained under the strong impression, which was quick to announce in his microblog. “I’m happy for the first time to be in Moscow and to visit fashion Week. I was able to meet wonderful people, and hopefully by the time my return to England I will be able to say a few words in Russian,” wrote Alves, however, did not specify exactly who made an impression on him – designers, or some beautiful lady.

Rodrigo also participated in the filming of the popular TV show on Russian TV. He came to the Studio to visit Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya. The man wanted to talk about his, he believes, a unique sense of style and how you can look like Russian men with makeup, taking his example. However, according to representatives Alves, who accompanied him in Russia, participation in the program nearly ended with a scandal: the talk show was held in the negative against the guest key. However, the man still announced the release of talk show in Russian.

“I am very happy to be in Moscow! Thank you all for the love and respect of me! Watch me on channel! I’ll be in the program “Male/Female” – said Rodrigo.

Alves also went to the most obvious place in Moscow to search for love and the second half – of the reality show “Dom-2”. It was here he had the opportunity to show itself in all its glory and attract attention. Before and after program entry, Rodrigo did not cease to repeat that very tired. For shooting a man chose a colorful jacket in roses, which emphasized his slim waist. For her sake he, by the way, I removed the four edges.

Among all the girls of the TV show celebrities singled out Marina Afrikantov whose appearance reminded him of a Barbie doll. However, the blond beauty did not dare to show sympathy. Filming was not her young man Roman Kapakli. In order not to Wake up the jealousy in your boyfriend, Marina didn’t want a closer look at the “human Ken”.

By the way, another girl who made an impression on Alves, was a former member of telestroke Oksana Duckweed. He even asked the producers of the phone ladies. Rodrigo Alves has admitted that he would like to become a participant of “House-2”, however, for some time. It is expected that the air involving the British the stars of the show March 22.

«Живой Кен» попытался найти невесту в Москве

It is unknown whether Rodrigo was able to find a in Moscow companion, similar to Barbie. Although it is unlikely that his intention to marry was real – he was admitted to the British edition that just wants to learn about the experience of plasticity in our girls.

“Most of my friends look very glamorous and have made a number of operations: Sofia Vegas, Pixie Fox, Chloe Han. I’m curious to know why women in Russia want to look like dolls. And I hope that during this time, will get new friends,” said the man.
«Живой Кен» попытался найти невесту в Москве

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, in turn, decided to introduce his fans with a live Ken. She wrote several facts from his biography. “You know Rodrigo Alves? Came to our program, the only person in the world who decided to remove four ribs, his waist 60 cm or more 60 plastic surgeries. How do you like it? By the way, came to find a bride in Russia”, – wrote Ksenia.

However, fans without much enthusiasm took the appearance of unique men in Russia and in the Instagram girls. A few expressed the desire to find a husband. “Thought it was the man in the mask”, “Like a wax figure”, “what’s he want a small waist? And that person is female?” – wrote followers.

Rodrigo and then complained that Moscow is cold enough and there is a lot of snow. Nevertheless, he’s glad it was warmly welcomed in Russia, he did not expect such a relationship. Alves admitted in an interview with DailyMail that his appearance can cause issues in our country.

“Russia is a very conservative country, and people believe that such an extraordinary person, like me, can break taboos that have developed in society. That’s why I’m here – said “living Ken”. But here, everyone treated me kindly and many people have asked me to do a selfie”.