Юлия Ковальчук оправдалась за участие в «Доме-2» The singer explained his appearance on the popular project. Some time ago Julia Kovalchuk presented the song “You” in the reality show “Dom-2”. Many considered it strange that she agreed to go to the telestroke.

Julia Kovalchuk first became a mother at the end of last year. However, the birth of her daughter did not affect the career plans of the actress. A young mother trying to arrange my schedule to devote time to the work, and communicate with baby and spouse Alexey Chumakov. Julia recently released a lyrical song “You.” Introducing the new, Julia spoke at the “House-2”.

Some fans condemned the star for what she took part in a controversial project. “We are accustomed to certain stereotypes: it’s good, and it’s bad. My opinion: music, like sport, should be out of formats, ages and prejudice.

What I sang at the “House-2”, does not mean that I look “the House-2”. To be honest, I have no programs not seen. For me it was just more of a reason to sing the song “You”, which I wrote to your loved one. That’s all. I try not to live the stereotypes, do what you want, bring your creativity in any way possible that are not illegal and vulgar,” said Julia.

The appearance on the TV rating did not affect the number of followers on microblog Julia. According to star, it has a completely different audience. “My subscribers admitted that he watched the speech liked it. And frankly, I’m very proud of the fact that there are almost a million of these and in most cases well-educated people who are interested in me, my work and life”, – said Kovalchuk.

The singer tries not to share in social networks information about how to grow her daughter. She is afraid that thus may become a user of Instagram, which will read one mom.

“I don’t want from artist Julia Kovalchuk to turn into blogers, which will be fixated on the subject of children, holding and engaging the audience solely a family photo. However, I understand that my fans are interested in what is happening in my life. And dosed I talk about it. Sometimes I even curious to share their discoveries in the new field: clothing, gadgets… know For myself, sometimes others experience can be very useful,” – said the artist.

In an interview with “TV Program” Kovalchuk admitted that the most difficult part was the first month. “I believed that my body is quite accustomed to long periods without sleep because I had a great tour experience with frequent night crossings. But this is different. It was one thing when you just have little sleep, and another when you have little sleep and you are constantly in tension. Suddenly something is wrong and need to Wake up? I think all young parents now smile, remembering their first months with their babies. And when I was starting to feel like a zombie, Alex insisted on finding Babysitting,” said Julia.