The ex-soloist “Cream” Karen Cox has revealed the secret of his phenomenal weight loss

Экс-солистка «Сливок» Карина Кокс раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения The artist carefully watched diet. During the second pregnancy she gained about 13 pounds, but a vegetarian diet could Carina get rid of excess. In the future she plans to return to the sport.
Экс-солистка «Сливок» Карина Кокс раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения

The former participant of group “Cream” Tina – mom of two children. After the birth of the youngest child, she quickly came to the form. Fans attacked the singer asked: “How you so quickly came to the form?”. Karina did not disclose the secret, intriguing fans. Now Cox has decided to break the silence and said “StarHit” the sacrifices she went for the return of a slender figure.

“Pregnancy is not a trigger, but rather a very important time when the mother depends on the formation of the body of the child. When I was preparing for the first birth, is completely excluded from the diet all sugar and sugar substitutes, leaving a bit of fruit and honey , – says the singer. I also removed all the yeast, industrial products and white flour in your diet focus on green vegetables, greens and avocado was rather unrefined oil and drank a lot of water…

At the 9th month and not a diet, eliminating junk (fast) carbohydrates. Plus enhanced physical activity, more walking on my face. Could be in the fresh air for about 6 hours and not even notice how time flew. And of course, breastfeeding was also a donor of breast milk. During the second pregnancy, I switched to a vegan diet, including menu, coconut and nut milk.”

When the artist was waiting for the daughter to Alan, she had gained 13 pounds. However, the singer did not change their taste rules and diet.

“I had no setbacks, continues Carina. – A vegetarian diet has been easier than the first time. Also refused milk and yeast products. Proud that I didn’t have any assistants and nannies. All the efforts of her daughters took over. I replaced the yoga classes where I was a few months. In the end, returned to their long-awaited 53 kg. the Load on the muscles and the girls were no less effective! But I still think back to sports. Until I got into the habit of doing morning exercises!”

Despite these significant results, Karina believes that such rapid weight loss – it is a merit of the structure of the figure.

“I suggest to all the girls, when the body has carried a child for nine months, he needs to rest, says Cox. – You don’t need to go to gyms and bore the scorching workouts. On the contrary, after the delivery it is necessary to forget about the shortcomings of the figure. All will come with hormones. While the child is small, better mommy to give him free time, it is necessary to communicate more with him. When I was born Alan, I had constantly worn on the hands, and more about Camille not forgotten. About the figure then never thought! And not for nothing!”.

Kareena also spoke about how she manages to combine work and parenting. According to the young woman, she tries to spend a lot of time with Alana and Camille.

“With the first child I handled it myself, even went on tour with my daughter. With the second really helped me mom – said Karina. Almost all my free time I spend with children, walk together, go shopping, visit theaters and exhibitions. They are touring with me and, of course, can be in the journey. I am very happy that I can devote the time Alan and Camilla while they are small — to observe their child and learn from them to enjoy life”.