The lawyer of Turin announced its official contract with Maksakova

Адвокат Тюрина обнародовал его официальный договор с Максаковой Friends of the businessman consider that charges in its address are groundless. In the program “New Russian sensations” they said that the ex-spouse of Maria Maksakova is a father, and the words of the star is far from reality.
Адвокат Тюрина обнародовал его официальный договор с Максаковой

Scandals Maria Maksakova not subside for several months. First husband of Opera diva Denis Boronenkov killed the afternoon in the center of Kiev, and then consequently accused in the incident of the former civil wife a young woman of Vladimir Turina. The star herself admitted that is in a state of shock over the results of the investigation, but I fully agree with the opinion of law enforcement.

In the program “New Russian sensations” Maksakova once again stressed that the former choice prevents her from seeing her children from her first marriage. She repeatedly called the man a murderer, but friends Turina strongly disagree with such accusations. So, businesswoman Irina Nikolskaya not the first year is friends with Vladimir and considers him a good person.

“Him trying to make some sort of monster, but this is absolutely not true. The fact that the children live with him says a lot. Not every father even a full happy family will be so concerned about the children,” said Nicholas.
Адвокат Тюрина обнародовал его официальный договор с Максаковой

Lawyer Alexander Vershinin for several years represented and Maksakova and her ex-elect Vladimir Tyurin. The man first showed the document under which the Opera diva in may of 2017 officially agreed that her children lived with her father.

“May 7, 2017 it has signed an agreement under which the primary residence of the minor children shall be the place of residence of the father. This happened a month and a half after the murder Boronenkov. She would give the fiend, who is suspected of a crime, their children? What I say is the absolute truth. She knows that,” said Vershinin.
Адвокат Тюрина обнародовал его официальный договор с Максаковой

Counsel notes that he spoke with Mary shortly before she moved to Ukraine. He tried to persuade Opera diva from hasty decisions, but she Maksakova wanted to be near the beloved. According to Alexander Vershinin, the star telephoned her ex-lover after the death of Denis Boronenkov, talked about their experiences.

She Maksakova says about the former civil husband only negative. She hopes that someday I will be able to isolate your children from their influence.

“I have no ability and connection with my children. Yes, they live with a murderer, with the customer, but I am powerless. As soon as the opportunity arises, I will be picked up immediately,” said Maria was in the program “New Russian sensations”.

Now the artist lives in Ukraine with her little son, whose father Denis Boronenkov. The young woman often puts in social networks pictures of old Ivan. According to fans of an Opera diva, the boy is very like his father.