In Moscow said goodbye to Mikhail Zadornov

В Москве простились с Михаилом Задорновым Fans of the satirist came to honor his memory. At the request of Mikhail Zadornov his relatives staged a chamber ceremony. Fans of the artist could not hold back the tears, when carried bouquets of flowers to his grave. The funeral of the comedian will be held later in Latvia.
В Москве простились с Михаилом Задорновым

The death of Michael Zadornov has shocked his fans and celebrity friends. Over a long period of time, the man was fighting cancer. In the end, however, the disease still prevailed.

Earlier it was reported that the ceremony of farewell with the artist will take place in Moscow at the mortuary of a mortuary at the hospital where has been delivered from the body Zadornov. Before his death, satirist insisted that the procedure was closed and it was attended by only relatives and closest friends.

“You all know about the ironic relation to Michael for publicity. He always guarded his and our lives from other people’s Intrusive intervention. Please respect his desire not to create a fuss about his death”, – reported in the official statement of the relatives of Zadornov.
В Москве простились с Михаилом Задорновым

Many celebrities, personally familiar with Mikhail, said goodbye to him in absentia. They have dedicated many touching posts deceased artist, noting that he was an amazing man with a unique sense of humor.

The closed nature of the ceremony did not prevent his many fans to gather before the entrance to the hospital. People came with flowers and notes devoted to the satirist. Many of them could hardly hold back the tears. Within a few hours fans Zadornov was standing outside, and in the end they still let in the building of the morgue.

В Москве простились с Михаилом Задорновым

The relatives insisted that the room should not be carried out photo and video recording. In the end, hundreds of fans laid flowers to the photo of the artist. Many of them said that Zadornov has changed in appearance. Shortly before his death, the comedian has gained weight, which according to fans, was due to the therapy.

Journalists managed to talk with some fans Zadornov, who eventually got the chance to say goodbye to him.

“I’m not allowed to kiss him. It was not speeches. Complete silence. I was not even allowed to touch. We passed at a distance of about a meter. We waited a long time, probably at this time said goodbye and spoke the speech. To stay was impossible, we held fast. All hoped to the last that the situation will change and possibly improve. I was sure of it,” said Natalia, a woman who attended the farewell ceremony.

After Zadornov’s admirers laid flowers, the hall was closed, and asked them to leave the territory of the hospital complex. According to media reports, the fans were given around twenty minutes to say goodbye to the satirist.

TASS and the portal Life reported that immediately after the ceremony the body Zadornov will be delivered to Latvia. Most likely, the funeral of the artist will also be held behind closed doors.