Экс-муж Марины Александровой женится на эффектной модели
Ivan stebunov decided on a new marriage.

Ivan stebunov and Elena Vlasova


Ivan stebunov was extremely painful going through a divorce with Marina Alexandrova. His ex-wife for seven years, happily in a relationship with Andrei Boltenko. The couple grows two children: son Andrew and daughter Catherine. And if Marina after divorce with Ivan quite quickly built a personal fortune, then he Stebunova, until recently, pursued a love failure. He was ascribed different novels, but none of the alleged mistresses, he failed to build any serious relationship.

Some time ago Ivan fell in love with model Elena Vlasova and this time, it seems, has finally found what you’ve been looking for. In the program “Once upon a time” actor admitted that preparing for the wedding. He recently made his beloved proposal and in near future planned celebration. The couple will live in new country house. Its construction Stebunov personally engaged. He dreams that soon will be able to celebrate the housewarming. And soon after the wedding, the artist will work on the addition to the family.

“Some people came into my life. We thank God, building a house, and hopefully soon in this house something else make a noise and runs!” admitted Ivan. By the way, the bride Stebunova not only has a spectacular appearance, but also smart. The main work of Helen connected with the banking business, and photo shoots as a model and outputs it to the podium — a nice bonus.

Recall that a few years ago, Ivan has experienced a creative crisis. From refused to work in the “contemporary” and promising film projects went to live in the Altai. A little rest from the capital, he returned to his former life. Now he again is in the theater Galina Volchek and in films, however, became more selective to the working material.