Отказавшись от радости в жизни, Юлия Высоцкая сильно изменилась
The presenter regretted that sat on a rigid diet.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: @Instagram juliavysotskayaofficial Julia Vysotskaya

Looking at the slender Julia Vysotskaya, one can assume that the presenter adheres to the most strict diets. Despite a love of cooking, she’s 44 years old can boast of a perfect body. In fact, the artist indulges nor sweet, nor flour, nor in any high-calorie dishes. Vysotsky is sure: the hard limit in the diet not benefit the body. In this it was convinced on own experience.

A few years ago Julia began to follow a proper diet. Diet did not lead to any results, except for the angry and aggressive mood and also the appearance of dark circles. About how the stars feel as a result of the failure of “joy” in life in the form of fragrant buns she said in a recent interview.

“The complete absence of sugar, alcohol, spicy, fatty, salty, high-calorie, starchy foods, coffee, chocolate… Lack of happiness and joy! Has anyone tried to just give it up? I – Yes! And I think just lost days, weeks, months. Well, not years. Brand gone for nothing, when the body did not understand what was happening to him, was in a complete panic and started like crazy to stock up. Because instead of a reward we give him 10 kilometers runs and another hour of power yoga. As I looked at this? Not exactly like the dream woman with huge black eyes, and to approach me closer than two meters it was impossible, because I bite very hard!” — says Yulia.

After this unfortunate experience, Vysotskaya worked out for myself alternative rules for the preservation of the body. It complies with the nutrition discipline: you can have everything, but in moderation. “I’ve reached that level, when you realize that you’re going to have. That’s the choice and question”, — quotes Vysotskaya Wday.ru.