Это фиаско: Алла Пугачева высмеяла Филиппа Киркорова
Diva laughed at her ex-husband.


Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva showed a great sense of humor, by making fun of Philip Kirkorov. Friendly mockery was published in social networks was: “Phil, give me back my hoodie!” This phrase Alla left under the from the concerts where he performs in a suit, much like a signature outfit Diva. The artist is more than a million subscribers, so the joke instantly “flew” over the Network. Fans share it, enjoy discussing the “trendy failure” Kirkorov.

He loves to review ex-wife was not offended. He proposed to transfer his suit to the use of Alla Borisovna. “All of Allusa, sent Fedex from Tallinn Overnight delivery. In Siauliai “attack” of nostalgia overcame, and Mikolas in the audience would like to please and surprise memories of a beautiful youth”, — joked in response, Philip.

Usually concert outfits Kirkorov who rarely leave anyone indifferent. Costumes for “the king of the pop scene” sew the best dress designers in the world. The artist spared no expense on the creation of memorable images: the cost of some of them comes commensurate with the price of two-bedroom apartments in the capital. “More chic, feathers and glitter,” — the motto of Philip. And if the Diva is hard to imagine the scene without signature hoodie, the way Kirkorov is associated with something outrageous. This time the singer “cheated” yourself and having a fashion fiasco.