The ex-husband of Irina Allegrova is suffering from a serious illness

Бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой страдает от тяжелой болезни Igor Cabbage put a disappointing diagnosis. As described to journalists the sister of ex-lover well-known performer, his health significantly worsened after a stay in jail. According to the woman, Cabbage is in serious condition.
Бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой страдает от тяжелой болезни

In April it became known that the ex-husband of Irina Allegrova Igor Kapusta was released from prison. The man spent five years in a strict regime colony in the village of Fornosovo in the Leningrad region. Cabbage landed behind bars after his car was found the package with two kilograms of drugs.

Recently revealed that the ex-husband of Irina Allegrova is in hospital here for a couple of weeks. Cabbage suffers from a serious illness. About it journalists were told by his sister Galina. According to the woman, the health of her relative has deteriorated after being in jail.

“Igor has a serious lung disease! Doctors make every effort to help her brother. Igor was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) to severe stage. It is in a great center, but he has a very difficult situation. It turns out that igorka light reveals only half. Of course, the condition affected the prison,” – said Galina.
Бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой страдает от тяжелой болезни

The woman also complained that the medicines that Igor was discharged by the doctors, are very expensive. “Five thousand, ten. The prison has crippled him. If I hadn’t pulled out this year, he would have died there. That’s for sure,” said Galina. When a man gets out of the hospital, is still unknown. Doctors, says sister of ex-lover Allegrova, I do not presume to make predictions for his future. According to Galina, her cousin is in a serious condition.

Sister Igor Cabbage also spoke about his plans for the future. The man is going to get back to business. Igor was a private firm. While he was behind bars, the company went into decline. “Igor is now left with nothing. Brother immediately after his release from the hospital is planning to become an entrepreneur. Until he gets on his feet, coming to live with me and my husband. And then going to investigate further”, – quotes Galina

We will add that after his release, the ex-husband of Irina Allegrova became the hero television programs. Igor Kapusta told reporters about how it changed the experience behind bars, and remember life together with the famous singer. “Five years is a long. While there are no sensations. I came out stunned, watching the street at all is a completely different eyes. No, not wild – I just always lacked communication. Lack of communication is scary, of course,” said the former lover of the actress in the transfer NTV “New Russian sensations”.