Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

Дочь Алексея Панина обнародовала шокирующие сообщения от матери The successor of the actor spoke about the relationship with their parents. The NUS admits that consciously decided to live with dad in Moscow because she was scared of the behavior of mothers. The girl told reporters about the awful texts that she sends to a parent.
Дочь Алексея Панина обнародовала шокирующие сообщения от матери

Famous actor Alexey Panin again attracted the attention of the public. During the week, the Network appeared rollers, compromising actors and activists suggested to deprive a man of parental rights. An Internet petition demanding to take the child actor, signed by more than 500 people. At the moment Panin-one is bringing up daughters of the NYSE. In April of this year it became known that he was victorious in the fight for the girl with the former spouse. He took a schoolgirl from St. Petersburg, as her mother Julia Udintsev behaved inappropriately. However, according to the artist and the NYSE, the conflict has not been fully exhausted.

Alex and his successor gave a press conference to journalists. The actor has apologized for a provocative video, noting that he did not lead such a lifestyle. The daughter of the artist has opened details of life with her mother. According to Ani, she decided to go along with my dad, because I never know what to expect from her.

“I saw my mother in early may, and yet to see her not very desirable. Because she is constantly pushing me, constantly asking the answer,” said the NUS.

Besides, according to Panin, the heiress knew that you have to face several difficulties. Alex is not hostile to the ex-beloved, but he fears for the safety of nyusi.

“I wish mom was with us. We owe it to the child’s personal ambition to put in one place. The NUS has taken a decision that will live with dad and myself, so we take the rap together,” – said Panin.

According to him, Yulia refused the financial support that she was offered Alexei Kovalev. Each actor wanted to help the woman to recover from alcoholism. “My mom has some oddities related to her mental state”, – said the artist.

Kovalev was trying to cure the ex-wife Panina from alcoholism

Daughter Panina shocked reporters by stating that the mother sends her messages of awful content. According to the girl, in one of these Epistles was written: “your dad will rape you”. Niusia and shared details of life with her mother.

“Mom threatened to kill herself if I do not return to it. And one time mom brought me to school drunk and when I got back, you were already drunk and swearing at teachers and even pushed them,” said the NUS.

Journalists “NSN” asked the child, how is her life with her father. According to the girls, dad never abused her alcohol. Panin claims that he no longer drinks alcohol.