The eldest son of Natalia Vodianova took to be her boyfriend

Старшего сына Натальи Водяновой приняли за ее бойфренда
Fans of the supermodel is asked to reveal a star the secret of eternal youth.

Natalia Vodianova children

For fans of Natalia Vodianova was a surprise that her
the eldest son Lucas has already outgrown his stellar mom to two heads. And this despite the fact that Natalia Vodianova, like all models, high — growth 176 centimeters. Growth
well Lucas is rapidly approaching 1.90 inches.

But not only discussed this enthusiastic subscribers microblog star. A
fans in the comments asked and even demanded to reveal the secret of eternal
young supermodels. “If I didn’t know who was depicted in the photo, I thought
if that is your kind of guy. You like the girl with the guy next to Lucas or as it is
little sister. What’s your secret,” — commented the family model
users of the Network. Some surprise asked Vodianova, do
all the children depicted in the picture, her.

Indeed, it is difficult to believe that
owner chiseled figures of five children. She and Antoine Arnault are two
common sons, 2-year-old max and one-year-old novel. Older children Vodianova,
15-year-old Lucas and 9-year-old Victor and daughter Neva born in the marriage with Justin
Portman. By the way, the photo Natalia aptly dubbed “Cinderella. Part
2”. And the fans immediately agreed that the family is the fabulous heroine, after many
happy years would look that way.