Justin Bieber got into a fight over a woman

Джастин Бибер подрался из-за женщины
The singer emerged victorious in the match.

Джастин Бибер подрался из-за женщины

Justin Bieber


Baskin Champion


Justin Bieber has reason a
to be proud of: daring, he saved the woman didn’t even know. This
the story played out during a party, held in the framework of the Coachella music festival in California.

It all started with the fact that the 24-year-old Bieber, who came to have some fun with
friends saw a man who was under the influence of some type of doping, roughly grabbed the girl by the neck and
squeezed her throat. Justin shouted to the bully to let her go. But the man in
the answer is only roughly cursed. Then Justin ran up to the bully with all his strength
punched in the face, and then threw it away on the wall. In response he rushed at Bieber,
but friends came to the rescue Justin helped to cope with a bully: the girl, the
time, got the opportunity to escape.

Later, the offender was expelled from the party, as they continued to brawl. Later
in the evening he was arrested by the police, as he chased the car, which
was Justin.

The Bieber came to the festival alone — without a companion, that
was surprising: because we all thought that Bieber, who recently broke up with
Selena Gomez, have chosen a new girlfriend — in the face of 22-year-old Baskin
Champion. The first time reporters have caught her with Justin at a nightclub
Avenue friends — Patrick Schwarzenegger and his
girlfriend Abby, the sister of Baskin. Toward morning they moved to another
a fashion institution. After leaving the club, Justin and Baskin together went by car to
the direction of his house. A few days later, Bieber and his new girlfriend were seen
together at the concert of David Craig in Los Angeles.