Dana Borisova resumed relations with a married ex-boyfriend

Дана Борисова возобновила отношения с женатым экс-бойфрендом
The TV presenter was spotted in the Park for kissing with Danko.

Photo: scene from “million dollar Secret”

Life Dana Borisova in the last couple of years hardly anyone could envy, though she remains optimistic. She developed a severe alcohol and drug addiction, which the star didn’t want to admit. Through friends, she was in the hospital on Koh Samui, where he managed to return to a normal and sober life and have new friends.

While Dana was treated, her daughter Pauline took ex-husband businessman Maxim Aksenov. Says Borisov, all this time, the father set up the girl against her mother. Now in court the parents are trying to agree on regular meetings of This with Pauline. However, a full guardianship the speech does not go.

All this time, Borisova was not until personal life cares enough. But over the weekend the paparazzi spotted the TV presenter in the company of a very famous person. 41-year-old Dana and 49-year-old singer Danko walked through the Park holding hands. About 15 years ago, the stars have had a romantic relationship, Borisova even starred in the video clip was popular at that time singer.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Danko actually legally married. He and his wife, former model Natalya Ustymenko and mother of two daughters — 13-year-old Sophia and 4-year-old Agatha. Youngest daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and its treatment Danko now spends all your money.

As reported Super, the nature of the relationship between Dana and Danko leaves no doubt: the stars while walking, kissing on the lips, and it “recorded” on video. The users in the Network, by the way, I assumed it was PR and the stars thus decided to attract extra attention. But this is doubtful, because such notoriety is not needed nor Danko, which raises money for daughter’s treatment on TV and in the Network or Dan, which is trying to regain his daughter.