The eldest daughter Ksenia Borodina learn to make their own decisions

Старшая дочь Ксении Бородиной учится самостоятельно принимать решения Known TV presenter has two children, the eldest Mary from his first marriage and a younger Thea from the second Kurban Omarov. Ksenia told how the relationship between Mary and George, married to whom a baby girl was born.
Старшая дочь Ксении Бородиной учится самостоятельно принимать решения

Popular TV presenter Ksenia Borodina still has time to raise two charming daughters Marusya and Thea. The star told reporters of the difficulties faced in family life and how to cope with restless toddlers.

“It may take sometimes to come up with something, but I immediately see is fiction, after all, Mara would never hurt. She nurtures her, teaches… in my childhood I played with my friends in mothers and daughters, and my girls in the teacher – student. The elder declares himself a teacher and Junior direct real lessons are. Mary writes on the Board, explains and Thea writes in a notebook” – shared TV presenter.

According to Borodina, the daughter of a completely different nature. Senior Marusya calm and reasonable, but the younger Thea active and especially shows his love. “Once fit, will hug tightly and kiss and another bite or pull hair. Especially gets from her Santoku. The cat stoically endures the tides of tenderness, pulling the tail and pulling the mustache,” – said Ksenia.

According to Borodina, she brings rigor, heiresses, TV presenter denies eldest daughter to use certain social networks. The presenter noted that Mary herself decides when it is convenient for her to meet with his own father.

“I give you my daughter’s ability to make their own decisions and if she wants to daddy, saying, “Call him and tell him to be nice” or “don’t want to go – tell dad myself.” Jura doted Marousi. Regularly calls up to her, gives gifts,” – said Ksenia.

Former spouse after a divorce, as well as Borodin found a new family. The man’s son was born, the first daughter my father introduced with a second child. According to Ksenia, Ksyusha at such an early age, learned to swaddle babies and welcomed baby brother.

“My mother and grandmother traditionally come to us every Saturday and Sunday to visit. The girls love them. Great-grandmother is called “grandma” and my mother Inna. As a child I would call her. She have us a classy lady and loves to feel young – so-called her by name”, – said Borodin.

Xenia said in an interview with “House-2” that her mother is hiding from journalists and does not like to be photographed. Only occasionally, a woman agrees to act, for example, for advertising in account “Instagram” Borodina. Also, the presenter noted that with a spouse Kurban Omarov they have full trust, so almost all the social events they attend together.