Rustam Solntsev will become a leading wedding Cousin Zhenya and Sasha Artemov

Рустам Солнцев станет ведущим на свадьбе Жени Кузина и Саши Артемовой Showman shared his emotions. According to Rustam Solntsev, the holiday will turn out to be enchanting and fun. He prepared for the guests a lot of surprises. Zhenya and Sasha got engaged in late November.

In late November the wedding will take place Sasha Artemov and Eugene Cousin. A couple of times to reschedule the celebration, so could not determine the place where the party goes. Besides, Sasha needed to change the documents to get a Russian passport instead of Ukrainian. Now she settled it and actively preparing for the wedding.

It became known that the host of the event will be Rustam Solntsev, who is friends with Kuzin and Artemov. The showman plans to arrange a Grand celebration.

“I am very pleased. Love you guys. I think their wedding will be one of the most memorable events of this year, – said Rustam. – I am pleased that Eugene invited me to spend their holiday. We have fun in his style. I have quietly thought the concept of the celebration. It is simple – an evening of fun faces. We have fun and chat”.

The bride has already chosen her wedding outfit. While he tried on various dresses, she actively consulted with the subscribers, which model looks better. The girl attracted to the sheer and lace fabric. Ex-participant reality show admitted that he ordered a wedding dress from tailor. “The dress I sew to order – it will weigh at least 50 kilograms,” – said Artemov.

The ceremony will gather friends and relatives of the newlyweds. “Guests will take the microphone and tell funny stories related to Zhenya and Sasha, and perhaps even to reveal their hilarious secrets. In this day you need to drink, eat and have fun. A wedding is a day that should be unforgettable,” said Solntsev in an interview with the website “”.

Recall, your aunt and cousin have to get married before the start of 2018. According to the bride, the prize money in the competition “Wedding in a million” it is not enough to realize all desires. Fans of couples look forward to when Zhenya and Sasha will become husband and wife. The lovers say they are happy together and almost never fight.

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“Live in perfect harmony, of course, are the scandals on home soil. Eugene works as the leading in corporate events and weddings. Many people say that our couple stands out among the rest. I sometimes work as a model and help the parents. They are in the business of selling wooden houses”, – told Sasha about the relationship with the chosen one.