Talking about the secret engagement to Lady Gaga

В Сети обсуждают тайную помолвку Леди Гаги According to journalists, the relationship of the famous singer and her agent moved to a new level. Apparently, the chosen one Lady Gaga Christian Carino made her an offer of marriage. The singer said Yes.
В Сети обсуждают тайную помолвку Леди Гаги

As reported by foreign journalists, the 31-year-old singer Lady Gaga secretly got engaged with his agent, 48-year-old Christian Carino. Lovers themselves have not yet commented this information, trying to keep secret details of his personal life.

According to some reports, karino did offer a well-known actress in the late summer of this year. This happened immediately after the father of Lady Gaga gave consent to the marriage.

Date of the marriage ceremony, Lady Gaga and Cristiano karino unknown. The fact that the performer decided to focus on their own health. The star suffers from fibromyalgia, which causes chronic pain in the bones and muscles. Similar to the disease is often accompanied by fatigue, depression and sleep disturbance.

В Сети обсуждают тайную помолвку Леди Гаги

In September, Gaga was hospitalized with severe pain in the hip. Celebrity had to limit his public appearances and to cancel a number of concerts, including the long-awaited performance at the festival Rock In Rio. Now most of the time the artist takes treatment and rehabilitation. Lady Gaga help yoga and other moderate exercise.

In late October, the star attended the ceremony of baptism of the child of her best friend. The singer was able to overcome himself, to congratulate good friend has an important event. On such occasion, Lady Gaga wore a bright pink dress. The singer has supplemented her way sandals high heels, elegant handbag and massive earrings in the shape of horses.

Health problems Lady Gaga began after she broke her hip at a concert four years ago. As a result, the singer had to undergo emergency surgery.

“My injury was a lot worse than just problems with the hip, I broke it. Nobody knew I even the fans said. Then I underwent an MRI and was surprised with the results. In the thigh there was a huge hole, and the cartilage generally hanging out where I shouldn’t have. My insides are just roared with resentment. It was a huge stress for me. The doctors said that I wipe out another concert, I will need an operation on all of the thigh, away from where I’ll be more than a year,” said the actress to journalists.

The chosen one Lady Gaga always tries to support it. For the first time about the relationship of the artist and her agent became known in February. First couple noticed at the stadium NRG Stadium. The lovers whiled away the time waiting for the “super bowl” and making out in public. On the eve of Valentine’s Day and Gaga, Carino, first came together in the light at a party. Lady Gaga has found a replacement for former fiance