Fans of Dmitry Marjanova require to decorate him

Поклонники Дмитрия Марьянова требуют наградить его посмертно According to Internet users, a man deserves the title of national artist. Fans of Dmitry Marjanova began collecting signatures to send the appeal to Putin, Mikhalkov and Medinsky. The initiative was supported by several thousand people.
Поклонники Дмитрия Марьянова требуют наградить его посмертно

15 Oct died actor Dmitry Maryanov. According to some reports, the man died as a result of acute blood loss, the catalyst of which was the removal of a blood clot. Sudden death of stars of theatre and cinema shocked his entourage and fans. Many could not believe in the death Marianov and remembered his best role.

An active group of admirers of the famous actor made a petition to posthumously confer the title of national artist. The initiator of the appeal became a resident of Omsk Natalia Lipnitskaya.

“Dmitry Maryanov more than ten years he worked in the theater, “Lenk”, on the fate of Dmitri, and “Lenkom” split up, he started performing on the stage of “Independent theatre”. Many roles will remain in the memory of viewers, each role is like a new life, in which it was embodied very quickly and just as quickly left the role as soon as the curtain fell…” – says the message of the Internet users.
Поклонники Дмитрия Марьянова требуют наградить его посмертно

As noted by the fans Maryanova, many perceived his death as a personal loss. This attitude to the actor, they believe, characterizes him as a brilliant artist.

“Tragedy and a huge void…for three weeks, people write comments and they will write and remember Dmitry always, and it could not be better said of him as an actor, the actor actually people! Why death would seem distant from ordinary people actor, has become a great loss for many people in our, and not only of our country? All to madness just – Dmitry Maryanov was not like any actors of our time, in every company he was his own, in every movie, he believed,” I believe in the Network.
Поклонники Дмитрия Марьянова требуют наградить его посмертно

After the death of the famous artist of Internet users continue to remember him. “The pain of bitterness from the loss of vitality. And all turn to Dmitry as his. He was like this. I think the most approximately the age of Dima. We are all on your own. We listened to the same music, danced the same, dressed in the same fashion. We have much in common. We’re from the same generation. And the best of us are gone…” the petition reads.

Fans Maranova also note that future generations will be able to learn more about the actor, if he becomes a folk artist and will be submitted to the appropriate database. “Once people received this title, so his works deserve the attention!” – they had shared.

The widow of Dmitry Marjanova Xenia BIC decided to support the petition. The woman signed it and posted on Facebook a link to appeal.