For all of you to forgive what shortcomings the spouses reconciled Podolsky and Rasputin

За все тебя прощаю: с какими недостатками супругов мирятся Подольская и Распутина The star of the 90s hates it when her husband leaves things not in their places, and the wife Presnyakov has complained that he is not sleeping at night and watching soap operas. Over the years of living together, the artists have learned to understand the choices.
За все тебя прощаю: с какими недостатками супругов мирятся Подольская и Распутина

The sneaker is not in place, many charges before leaving. Star said “StarHit”, with which the disadvantages of the spouses they have to put up with.

Remember all

Masha Rasputina berates her husband for not remembering

“Victor often grumbles that I do not give to live in peace, – says Masha on wife, producer, and businessman Viktor Zakharov around. And I’m just trying to teach him to be attentive to my requests. For example, how many times I begged him not to walk in the same sneakers everywhere – we have for each room different shoes. And he was always the same throughout the house spanks… can Still drink water and leave the glass, then gather them around not accustom dishes in the sink to put. Or things around the house throwing. Came where he undressed there and threw his coat and gloves. I like to all lay in their places. Every time Victor promises –say, not anymore, and forget again… Swearing and cooks: I love that each dish is cooked in different gloves, insist that chopped salad change, no need in them for the dessert to take. Complain that they packs a day is not enough. What to do? I have such requirements.”

Sleep my joy

Natalia Podolskaya never gets old the day of Vladimir Presnyakov

За все тебя прощаю: с какими недостатками супругов мирятся Подольская и Распутина

The couple, together for more than 12 years and their marriage seems perfect. But as it turned out, Natalya wasn’t easy to accept some habits of her husband.

“Vova – owl: loves Kolobrodov, when I see the tenth dream – shared Podolsk with “StarHit”. – More than once I caught him after twelve composing music or watching series. I’m an early riser, accustomed in the morning to do everything. And Vova sometimes sleeps till noon! You have to walk on eggshells. I’m long accustomed. But quickly realized that the wolf can not be undone and its biological clock are what they are. So I had to adjust to a loved one. Now I plan in the morning all sorts of women’s Affairs – fitting dresses, a manicure. And when he wakes up, comes our time…”

Come on, drive!

Sergey Selin wife waiting for two hours

In the TV series “Streets of broken lights” actor played the good-natured Lieutenant Anatoly Dukalis. It turns out that in real life, Celine is the same. “How else to explain the fact that I never scold wife Anna for her many charges – Sergei jokes. – But sometimes you have to wait for your favorite two hours… it is Especially inconvenient when the Windows is already a taxi – driver calls, nervous. You have to persuade him not to go. Then get in the car, and I have to ask the poor guy to go faster, or you’ll be late. Knowing his peculiarity, sometimes a spouse begins to gather in advance. But nothing comes out: the last time she would itch or skirt of a different color to wear, or eyes in another way to paint”.

За все тебя прощаю: с какими недостатками супругов мирятся Подольская и Распутина

Where washed?

Sergey Babayev goes because of the obsessive cleanliness of the wife

Host of “Good morning” periodically listens to what he’s sloppy because his wife Irina is neat, and tries to disciplined the whole family.

“Ira, it is important that the apartment was in perfect order, – says Sergey “StarHit”. – And I, for example, in winemaking and can apacket… She grumbles: I have to clean up after you. I’m not fighting, because you know – right. And used in 20 years of marriage. But it’s nice that the wife raised a neat son and daughter. Most will say that the Ira raised even our dog Pandi. After a walk in the rain she walks into the apartment and sits on the doorstep, waiting to take to the bathroom. Knows that if there is dirty, gonna get it.”