The doctors made predictions about the status of Oleg Tabakov

Врачи сделали прогнозы о состоянии Олега Табакова For more than a month the famous actor and Director is in a medical facility. Relatives of Oleg Pavlovich avoid talking about his health. According to some, tobacco is not yet on the mend.

Since the end of November last year, the 82-year-old actor and Director Oleg Tabakov is in the hospital. The representatives of the people’s artist of the USSR, prefer to refrain from comments about his condition, so fans of stars of theatre and cinema can only guess about how he feels. In the press regularly appear contradictory data about the health of Oleg Pavlovich.

At the end of last week, journalists reported that the state of the actor deteriorated and he hooked up to a ventilator. On Friday, January 12, reporters once again shared the troubling news.

If you believe the information that was publicized in the media, tobacco still feels bad. Moreover, doctors do not believe that in the near future, Oleg will get better. As it became known to journalists, as the celebrity remains difficult with a forecast in the negative direction.

Fans of Oleg Tabakov sincerely concerned about them and wish your favorite artists for a speedy recovery. In order not to disturb the actor, the doctors have decided to limit the number of persons allowed to visit him. It is known that Oleg Pavlovich is always his wife Marina Zudina. The wife of the Maestro regularly visits him in the hospital.

According to some, a serious condition Tabakov could be a result of carelessness of doctors. According to the information published in the media, dental implants, installed by the artist, provoked an inflammatory process. As written in the press, medical professionals did not pay attention to the complications after the procedure.

At the end of December of last year Oleg Tabakov introduced into an artificial coma. So the doctors wanted to reduce the load on the internal organs of the stars. According to some, disease of the actor was provoked by problems with the heart and lungs. After tobacco came to consciousness, he did not react to external stimuli, reported by REN TV.

Due to problems Oleg Pavlovich’s health had cancelled the performances with his participation. By the way, in mid-September last year, the tobacco suddenly felt ill before the play “the Seagull”, where he plays a major role. Oleg Pavlovich complained of an acute attack of pain, and then he called an ambulance. Despite the advice of doctors, the actor refused hospitalization and went on stage.