Olga Buzova requires you can cage her double

Ольга Бузова требует упечь за решетку ее двойника How did you find the journalists, the famous TV presenter and an aspiring singer appeared the rival. Representatives of double Buzova send suggestions for its performances at corporate events and concerts. Staff Olga understand the situation.
Ольга Бузова требует упечь за решетку ее двойника

31-year-old Olga Buzova – a successful TV presenter and singer. While critics criticize the image of a star, her songs hit records in the charts, and the band observed a full house. Furor Buzova haunts not only the haters. Recently revealed that the celebrity appeared double. A group of scammers claims to represent the interests of Buzova and offers to discuss her performances at different venues and at corporate events.

Apparently, a real singer and TV presenter was dissatisfied with the actions of unknown persons who mislead possible employers. Olga decided to find a counterpart and to punish him according to the law. According to journalists, Buzova requires that its competitor was behind bars.

By the way, Olga not only writes songs and works on TV but also in films and television series. Not yet subsided discussion of the emergence of Buzova in the series “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone”, as the star has announced the release of the film with her participation. The girl starred in the new Comedy “Zомбоящик” which will premiere in late January. “A huge thank you to my good friend and producer with a capital letter Glory Dosmuhamedova! In the new year we are waiting for more new projects”, – intrigued the presenter.

After busy work Buzova went on holiday to Thailand to celebrate an important date.

“The pack for your first full-fledged vacation over the last two years. So many things to take along. I will please you with their images and summer photos. With me flying my closest people, I decided to please my girls and made the vacation not only for yourself but for them. On 20 January we’re gonna rock together in my luxurious Villa is my birthday,” wrote Olga before you go to another country.

I wonder what celebrity worked even on the day of departure. “I’m sorry. And if at the last moment I would say that there is a shooting in a movie or an interesting job, I’d be really canceled, – said Olga. And what I’m still fly – this is happiness… In fact, I understand that I just need to rest.”

The fans hope that the vacation will help Buzova reboot and return with new forces. And while Olga has a rest in Thailand, law enforcement officials are reviewing her application. According to Mash, the representative Buzova appealed to the interior Ministry, a statement on her double.