The company “Aeroflot” is suing the wife of Andrei Arshavin

Компания «Аэрофлот» подает в суд на супругу Андрея Аршавина The airline officials intend to charge women additional costs associated with flight delays, including a re-fuel and service the aircraft. According to the press service of “Aeroflot”, the passengers expecting a departure of more than one and a half hours.
Компания «Аэрофлот» подает в суд на супругу Андрея Аршавина

Last Saturday the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice was in the center of the scandal. The woman with the children was removed from the flight plane EN route from Moscow to Alma-ATA, for “disruptive behavior and insubordination to demands of the crew”. According to representatives of airline, Alice tried to transplant a nanny to the salon business class, although she was sitting in economy and about 200 meters from the runway unbuckled the seat belt and the child. In the report of the members of the crew of the aircraft, it is noted that Arshavin called himself a major in the FSB, trying to put pressure on others.

On Friday, the company “Aeroflot” has released an official statement in which it clarified its attitude to the current situation. It is reported that representatives of the airlines are going to sue Arshavina Alice, demanding compensation for the costs incurred as a result of a flight delay.

“Because of the destructive behavior and violations of safety rules by Ms. Arshavina suffered more than a hundred passengers of the flight SU1946 from Moscow to Almaty on 6 January 2018. They were forced to wait more than half an hour. (…) Moreover, “Aeroflot” incurred additional costs associated with re-procedures ground handling of the aircraft. These include towing of aircraft, provision of ramp, unloading the Luggage. Another item of damages was excessive fuel. It cost the company also intends to recover” – passed employees.
Компания «Аэрофлот» подает в суд на супругу Андрея Аршавина

The press service stressed that the flight crew acted in accordance with the instructions and the commander’s decision on the removal of Alice Arshavina the flight recognized as lawful.

“The airline intends to stop any attempts of violation of the rules of conduct on Board. Destructive passengers will avoid flying on flights of “Aeroflot”, regardless of their social status,” passed at the company’s website.

They also mentioned that from June 2018, will begin to effect changes in the Air code of the Russian Federation. Airlines will be able to create black lists of passengers. Persons who got into them will refuse carriage.

In turn, Alice Arshavin does not believe his behavior on Board the destructive. A woman made accusations against the flight attendant who wouldn’t let her change a diaper of a younger child. According to Alice, the actions of the member of the flight crew were completely unfounded. Arshavin has described them as “complete chaos.” During the conversation with journalists the woman said he would seek dismissal of the flight attendants. To this end, Alice wrote in her statement.

Act Arshavina provoked intense public debate. The woman was as the defenders and ardent critics. The latter was joined by well-known presenter Alexander Nevzorov. In a recent interview, he called Alice Arshavin “glamorous trash”.