Директор «Уральских пельменей» ответил на нападки Нетиевского Evgeny Orlov believes that the former head of nothing to do. Last year a man stood at the head of the production, which deals with the creation of the show “Ural dumplings”. Earlier this post was held by Sergey Nitievskiy, and then he was removed from office.

For a year and a half has been simmering row between the team “Ural dumplings” and their former producer Sergey Nitievskiy. During this time, the parties are unable to agree several times, they met in court. The current CEO of artists who created “the Ural Pelmeni Production”, Evgeny Orlov believes that after the departure of the men from the post of head, he’s frustrated by all who comes in his place.

“He has nothing to say to his friends and companions, who removed him from his post… For Natascha each new Director “Ural Dumplings” will be bad, he abused the deceased Lyutikova, pleaded against Isayev, lost the court case against Rozhkov, now apparently it’s my turn… Well. I work on a team and treat attacks Natascha as an unpleasant part of my duties, I have the job,” admitted eagles.

Previously, Eugene served as Director of the production company “idee Fixe Media”. Sergey Nitievskiy was one of the shareholders of this company. He said that the man was waiting for a high salary, but did not possess the necessary qualifications. Despite the fact that Nitievskiy recommended Orlova in a leadership position, he later changed his mind about it.

Ex-Director of “Ural dumplings” on the court: “This is the classic argument of the team with producer”

Now Sergei thinks that Eugene has an impact on the actors “Ural dumplings”, assuring them that they have the full right to assign the results of work of the entire production.

“Perhaps they are not fully aware of what “the swamp” got their new Manager, — said one of the founders of the “idee Fixe Media” which shareholder is Nitievskiy. — Awakening will come when the court decides in their favor. It is possible that in this case there will be new scandals in the media and new courts. Will be sad if viewers will turn away from this once-positive family show.”

Orlov himself said that now the team takes a collective decision and have access to all information. The man believes that the consolidated Natascha a lot of time, but because he spends it on trial.

“Today the team really takes a collective decision, having complete information from all Directors of the period after Natascha. And Neieskau just, apparently, nothing to do, he couldn’t get anything before in your personal creative field, nothing is impossible now, so he takes all my free time, which was many, slander and the courts. I feel very sorry for him,” – said Eugene in an interview URA.ru.