Дана Борисова собиралась выброситься из окна The presenter wanted to commit suicide. This was announced by Nikita Lushnikov, the President of the Board of the National antidrug Union, which helped the star to go to rehab. The man spoke in detail about the dependence Dana Borisova and her progress in treatment.
Дана Борисова собиралась выброситься из окна

Dana Borisova is undergoing rehabilitation on Koh Samui in Thailand. Thanks to the initiatives of the program host “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov and Chairman of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov, the celebrity admitted that she has issues with drugs. The curator of the treatment Borisova explained that the woman was already observed in specialized clinics in Moscow, but her condition did not improve. In medical institutions the presenter was prescribed antidepressants which made things worse. According to Lushnikov, celebrity was mixing this type of tablets with other substances. According to Nikita, at some point, Dana began to zadumatsya about how to settle scores with life.

“Sent a message: “If you didn’t come to me in that day, do not take me for treatment, I don’t know how long it all lasted, because in Moscow I was trying to go to the balcony and kill myself…” As I understand it in recent months was in a terrible depression. In fact, Dana was left alone. The daughter was from his father and mother, as I said earlier, she considered her enemy,” – said Lushnikov.
Дана Борисова собиралась выброситься из окна

After Dana came to the rehab center, she could start eating, because her body took a pill and alcohol. However, nearly three months of treatment went the star good. She Borisov claimed that he lost a few pounds and were able to recover emotional state.

“She is now fully recovered, says that he decided to recovery for your daughter. She wants Polina was a real mother, which the child could be proud of,” continued Nikita.

When Borisov will return to Moscow, she will arrange a meeting with the daughter Polina. The girl is in the care of his father, Maxim Aksenov, so he will decide when she will see my mom again: if Pauline fly to Thailand or their reunion will happen in Moscow. According to Lushnikov, while it is difficult to make predictions when the celebrity will eventually get better.

Dana Borisova: “Daughter does not want to communicate with me”

“The longer she’s there, the easier it will be later. After all, to go back still have. Treatment program for up to six months. Then there is socialization. Everything will depend on the health of This,” said Nikita in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.