Джованна Антонелли поведала о жизни после «Клона» Actress and businesswoman talked about their projects and declassified cherished dream. In recognition of Giovanna Antonelli, she always wanted to visit Russia. Soon celebrity plans to visit the homeland of Leo Tolstoy, to represent their perfume.
Джованна Антонелли поведала о жизни после «Клона»

41-year-old Giovanna Antonelli many know for her role as jade in the series “Clone”, which Russian viewers saw in 2004. Many fans are interested in jade, as was the fate of the charming actress. After a long filming in the “Clone” actress has an affair with another actor – Benicio Murilo. The stars have a common son, a charming 12-year-old Pietro. However, soon after the appearance of the heir to the celebrity made the decision to leave.

At the moment, the Brazilian is happy in the relationship with the Director Leonardo Nogueira. Lovers are raising two adorable daughters, Antonina and Sofia. They were born in November 2010. In a recent interview with journalists Giovanna Antonelli shared what she does in addition to raising children. According to the actress, she is a successful businesswoman. A woman is constantly working on new projects and has no plans to stop. In addition, Antonelli continues to act in films and serials.

“In parallel with the career of the actress I develop my own business and doing outside projects as a partner. Between filming for TV and movies I work a lot: create, monitor production and launch products for my brand Gio. My perfume was launched in Europe. Last March in the capital of Portugal – Lisbon, and now in Brazil comes my new brand of bags,” shared the star.

In the nearest plans of celebrities – arrival to Russia. Giovanna Antonelli has admitted that he knows how in this country the popular TV series “Clone”. The actress intends to present to fans their own flavor, but the details of the upcoming trip, she chose not to share. It is possible that this will happen in the near future.

“I and my team plans to stage a presentation of her perfume. Actually this is my dream. (…) For me, Russia is primarily associated with the churches with painted domes, dolls, the Bolshoi ballet and, of course, with the famous Russian writers such as Tolstoy and Dostoevsky,” says Antonelli.

Add that the series “Clone”, which tells about the life of a young Muslim women, has become one of the most successful Brazilian television of his time. It discussed such current issues as cloning, drug abuse and euthanasia. In addition, the audience was captivated by the dramatic love story of jade, which developed under very unusual circumstances.

In recognition of Giovanna, for the role of jade, she learned to dance belly dancing, and also learned a few phrases in Arabic. While working on the project Antonelli immersed in Muslim culture and learned a lot about foreign customs, dress and music. The actress recalls that the members of the crew spent about 40 days in Morocco. That period she calls “amazing journey,” writes “the Movie Mail.Ru”.