Amal and George Clooney went out to dinner to a favorite restaurant

Амаль и Джордж Клуни сходили на ужин в любимый ресторан

Famous wife Amal and George Clooney found time to be alone. Prominent human rights advocate and Hollywood actor that are only in the beginning of June became parents, went to dinner at a favorite restaurant near Milan. This is the first publication of Amal and George after the birth of son Alexander and daughter Ella.

The couple was captured yesterday coming out of their favorite restaurant Gatto Nero. And Amal and George looked relaxed and happy, apparently, parental responsibility for them is not a burden, and even Vice versa.
Last week, the 56-year-old George and 39-year-old Amal Clooney arrived with the children to his residence on the shores of lake Como, where it will stay until the end of the summer. Last night they spent in the company of his friends. So paparazzi captured and actor Ben Weiss, a close friend of George.
Recall that Ella and Alexander are the firstborn and for Amal and George, who once in a very categorical form has declared to journalists that the children he never will. Confirmed bachelor was not going to marry any one of his previous passions, and would have lived all his life in solitude, did not take place until the fateful meeting with Amal. For her, rumor has it, George did a vasectomy reversal and now is a happy father of two babies.