Александр Домогаров скрылся от полиции после правонарушения The artist drove a motorcycle without a license. “StarHit” to find out what made Alexander Domogarova to risk himself and why he managed to avoid punishment. The story of past people’s favorite shared his classmate.
Александр Домогаров скрылся от полиции после правонарушения

Since childhood, Alexander Domogarov has told parents: “I’m a racer!” Close to Sasha plans did not stop at the end of an ordinary Moscow school №4 were even advised to apply to Automobile and road construction University – MADI. But the young man suddenly changed his mind, decided he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father – actor Yuri Domogarova. Birthday Alexander July 12, the actor turns 54 about his youthful antics classmate told Catherine.

Wolf choir

“We have studied all nine of the boys – says Katya. – Domogarov was the most memorable. To him and the guys constantly asked for help. Asked: “Sasha, there’s a disassembly afoot. Insure?” And he always went to help out, no questions asked. In General, the offense did not give, especially girls. When we tried to behave intelligently, Mat never swore. But pulling pigtails. Run, pull, and then hiding, saying that not me. The girls, of course, his prank was forgiven, because I believed to be the protector class. Of course! Sasha loved sports! In PE we played “hot potato” – throwing the ball to each other. Once Domogarova failed to recapture the pass – collapsed on the floor. Everyone ran out and he, as if nothing had happened stood up, but still smiling and saying that everything is fine. Domogarov lived on the street Kedrova in the South of the capital, and frequently held house parties.

“Put my classmates at the table, and himself to the piano – continues Catherine. – Wait for the silence and how come to light. He spent several years in musical school and we were checked skill. From improvisations Domogarova legs went dancing. The school boys have organized a pop group and performed in local Nightclubs. Somehow they made a show – room with disguises. Bought some in magazinemarina, put them on, painted the face paint and out in the images of the wolves. After the speech, the audience gave a standing ovation, everyone was delighted with their venture. Someone even shouted: “Yes, it’s Mikhail Boyarsky from the movie “Mama”.

Александр Домогаров скрылся от полиции после правонарушенияAnd when Sasha sang, all the girls get goosebumps ran. He has a very beautiful voice! Among the favorite – the song “Povorot” group “the time Machine”. From Makarevich was not distinguished!”


In high school Domogarov bought a motorcycle and came on it to school to show off to friends.

Александр Домогаров скрылся от полиции после правонарушения“Sasha bought a “Java” – says Catherine. – Wore a helmet and drove on the highway. Managed to even go in the school trips. However, when saw the police, gave a tear: Sasha does not have a driver’s license. But how many ran after him, the cops never caught! He is good at maneuvering in the back streets and dark courtyards! Domogarov respectful of the bike. The books dealt in the mechanics of how everything is arranged inside. Found the necessary parts to repair”.
Александр Домогаров скрылся от полиции после правонарушения

The actor loved to play with classmates. Once they went by train to Georgia. “When it got dark, Sasha conspired with the boys – says Kate. They waited for the night to everyone in the car fell asleep, and then secretly put sleeping toothpaste. The next morning the girls squealing could be heard even from the driver!”

In recent years, the study Domogarov secret from family and friends went to acting classes, he attended the Theatre school named after Schepkin.

“We were surprised when we learned that Sasha became an actor, says Ekaterina. But the class was genuinely happy for him. He got into the Studio to people’s artist Viktor Korshunova. When I got my first role in the theater, Sasha invited us to the premiere. For a few minutes before the speech gave out feathers. Says: “Precipice clothes. Feather – a symbol of the fact that the guest is on the show, Victor Ivanovich”.

From Korshunova same surname speaking, that’s a joke he came up with this idea. Of course, it is unusual to see Domogarova on stage. We remember him as a regular guy in blue pants bottoms and jacket. And here is a true professional who plays a major role.

But ease of communication Sasha kept still. Every year I congratulate him on his birthday without any constraint. However, phone – in Domogarov always busy. Gain: “That’s me!” And he answers: “Oh, let’s talk about life”. And begins the conversation for a few hours. This year, I’m sure it will be the same!”