The death of the chief editor of “Art cinema” was shocked by his loved ones

Смерть главного редактора «Искусства кино» шокировала его близких 68-year-old Daniil Dondurei died in Israel after a long illness. On the death of the famous journalist said the film’s Director Vitaly Mansky. Their opinion about the care of the critics expressed by Kirill Serebrennikov, Maxim Vitorgan, Anton Dolin, Boris Berman, Anton Krasovsky, Lev Rubinstein, and many others.
Смерть главного редактора «Искусства кино» шокировала его близких

In Israel, on 69-m to year of life died a famous film critic Daniil Dondurei, since 1993, held the post of editor-in-chief of magazine “Art of cinema”. The journalist is also known for the publications in the journals “Literature review” and “Spark”. According to relatives of Dondurei, he died after a long illness. Friends of Daniel Borisovich can’t believe his sudden departure from life. On may 19, the man would have celebrated his 69th birthday.

“It is impossible to pronounce these words… Daniil Dondurei, Daniil has gone from us! In this fact the severe unfairness of life. I would now like to talk endlessly about it at the same time the purest and the smartest man, which in itself is absolute uniqueness, but in my head all my thoughts are confused… I don’t believe in reincarnation, but knowing about the disease Danino was ready to believe anything. Goodbye, friend!” – said the Director Vitaly Mansky.
Смерть главного редактора «Искусства кино» шокировала его близких

Many colleagues Daniil Dondurei write condolences to his family and friends in social networks. They were shocked by the death of film critic and suggest to his widow, the art historian Dawn Abdullaeva, to hold on to. “Daniil Dondurei. Died. Well, what is it? Who is going to think all the time about how so it turns out that we are steadily tupe. Who will catch the slightest gleam of talent: film, script, smart article? Who will hold the last, perhaps, the real magazine about movies and life? A vile thing is death…” – said the first Deputy chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Sergei BUNTMAN.

The famous film critic Anton Dolin, known to many fans of the program “Evening Urgant”, says care colleagues “unbearably bitter and unfair.” According to the journalist, Dondurei helped him place in the profession.

“One of the best people I knew. Incredible feeling, taste, delicacy, charisma. If not for meeting him at Cannes (he went there every year, were there to celebrate his birthday), do not live together to “echo of Moscow” in 1999, not published in his “Art of cinema” in 2000, my first major article about Trier, perhaps I wouldn’t be a film critic. And how many more like me,” said Dolin.
Смерть главного редактора «Искусства кино» шокировала его близких

Death Daniel Dondurey also shocked actor Maxim Vitorgan. “You write: “… film critic Daniil Dondurey”. But somehow it is not enough for him. And culture is not enough. It is not film critics, cultural studies… Not only that. Daniil Dondurey is an approach to life. It’s the tone of her voice, the tone…And just know that somewhere in your town, near a life Dondurei. Was. Was life”, – shared the artist in his microblog.

The Director Kirill Serebrennikov believes that the death of Daniel Dondurey “kiss simvolichno”. According to the figure in cinema, contemporary audiences “have ceased to listen, read, understand, and so he left.” “People of such quality as he is no more, they do not “release”, “do”, because, alas, they are no longer needed in Russia. Anyway, in my circles such a person, the idealist and the ascetic was one Dondurey… You will be deeply missed, Daniil Borisovich”, – with these words, the pieces of silver addressed to deceased criticism.

In the care of a close person also can’t believe TV presenter Boris Berman.

“Why am I arguing with you, why? Why not have time to tell you the main? Maybe you don’t know how much I appreciate your wit and your good heart? Why, why, why these people, defenseless and honest-and that is what the vampires left?” – said the showman.

We will add that my sincere condolences to the wife and friends of Daniel Dondurey expressed the poet and literary critic Lev Rubinshtein. “Smart, kind, delicate, infinitely benevolent. One of those whose name even is invariably uplifting. How sad. Dawn and all his family – my active empathy. The bright memory …” – he wrote.

In addition, a separate post dedicated to the criticism of the journalist Anton Krasovsky. “What a pity” – he wrote in Facebook. His opinion about the resignation of the chief editor of the famous magazine also made a web producer Sonya Sokolova. “The best. Wonderful. Many of the films I watched his eyes. R. I. P”, she shared in social networks.