Participant of “Eurovision” was accused of plagiarism rooms Sergey Lazarev

Участника «Евровидения» обвинили в плагиате номера Сергея Лазарева The representative of Cyprus used in the performance of similar techniques. Fans of the song contest has not disregarded this fact and were quick to share their opinions. They noted that even the motions I repeat the choreography of Sergey Lazarev.
Участника «Евровидения» обвинили в плагиате номера Сергея Лазарева

The ninth of may in Kiev there was held the first semifinal of “Eurovision-2017”. From 18 countries qualified for the finals of all 10 participants. The same number will determine the second day of the contest, and on Saturday we will know the winner. Among those who claim to occupy the first place, – the representative of Cyprus Big Demirchyan. 28-year-old musician of Armenian origin presented composition Gravity. However, fans of the popular song contest of Europe noticed that the room made the young man very similar to the performance Sergey Lazarev – he last year represented our country and won second place.

Speech Omega was accompanied by black-and-white graphics – on the screens appeared and disappeared in Cuba. In the previous “Eurovision”, the Russian artist had a similar design – and Sergei walked on the ledges as stepping-stones.

Участника «Евровидения» обвинили в плагиате номера Сергея Лазарева

Also in the middle of the speech the representative of Cyprus lies on the stage, which begins to flicker as the milky way. The same technique was and Lazarev – even the poses of the young people are the same.

Fans of the song contest did not restrain his emotions and leave comments to the video representative of Cyprus. The song became one of the most dynamic in the first semifinal of “Eurovision”, the fans also noted that the rhythm reminds them of the famous song Human, which takes the British musician Rory Charles Graham, under the name of Rag’n’bone Man.

“I think the one that is very similar to the Lazarev room last year?”, “In the beginning direct heard the tune of the song Human, and plagiarism Lazarev, of course,” “Good. But this speech reminds room Lazarev last year. Even these graphics Cuba”, “Plagiarise”, “half of the choreography and graphics are copied from Russia in 2016!” – shared his impressions of users on the Network.

I wonder what song Gravity was written by Swedish musician Thomas Gustaffson. In 2012, it was the song for the singer Loreen won the first place.

Big Demirchyan twice tried to get to Eurovision in 2010 and in 2015-m to year. However, fortune smiled on him only last October – it was then announced that he will represent their country at the Eurovision song contest.