Olga Veter accused of extravagance

Ольгу Ветер обвиняют в расточительности The star of “House-2” has intrigued fans expensive purchase. Olga Veter shared with subscribers of “Instagram” the new publication, which said that he was going to spend a large sum of money.

The former heroine of the home country telestroke Olga Veter remembered by the audience of the project as a stubborn, self-sufficient and confident participant. Even after the divorce with Gleb by Zhemchugova young mother did not give up, but rather, more time was given to develop themselves and the child. For example, now the woman is resting in the Krasnodar region and tries in what does not deny. So, she has published in the microblog post in which he told followers about upcoming expenses at the resort.

“Someone today will not be the last of the money,” said the Wind.

Fans of women are unable to pass by an intriguing record and started to wonder what beauty is going to pull a large sum. Some have suggested that the favorite gets an expensive car, and others – branded clothing. Some social network users have accused the star of the show in unnecessary extravagance, and advised more sensitive about financial issues.

“Car buying”, “Olga! How interesting! What are you buying? A foreign car or even for things come from? I love you, but you squander too much money and lead a beautiful life not yours! We must be careful to treat the earnings!”, “Ahahaha, Olka – transire”, “If a person buys something, then can not afford it,” comments of concerned fans.

Interesting that the Wind has not yet revealed the secret. However, shortly before the celebrity told fans about monetary problems. She announced on Instagram that lives on profits from advertising posts in the blog and get a regular job is not due to common diseases of son Misha.

Olga, the Wind barely making ends meet

Apparently, Olga hopes for more active support of the former spouse Gleb Zhemchugova, who must now provide the child with financial assistance. The man already said “StarHit” that is ready to allocate the necessary sum for needs of the heir. The artist also noted that he was able to find a common language with ex-lover, after which they decided to do without a trial.

“The official component of alimony, in my opinion, is addressed only to those who do not love their children, and irresponsible to them. I will always help my son not some limited amount, and in whatever way I can. I will give the last, if need be,” said Pearl.